War of the Rebellion: Serial 100 Page 0409 Chapter LIX. CORRESPONDENCE, ETC. - UNION.

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WHITE HOUSE, FLA., May 5, 1865.

General VOGDES,

Commanding District of Florida:

With the purpose of disbanding the C. S. troops now in Florida, agreeably to a military convention believed to have been entered into between Major General W. T. Sherman, U. S. Army, and General J. E. Johnston, C. S. Army, in the way best calculated to promote the peace and good order of the community and to secure to the United States whatever property may properly belong to it under the rules and usages of war in the present aspect of affairs, I propose to collect the arms now in the hands of the troops and turn them over to any officer who may be designated on the part of the United States at any point the general commanding may direct, to furnish to such officer muster-rolls of the troops, they being permitted to return to their homes and there remain, unmolested so long as they comply with the obligation imposed on them, not to take up arms or render any military service against the United States until properly relieved from such obligation; and I pledge my word that I will do all in my power to effect the disarming and disbanding of the troops in the way best calculated in my judgment to promote the interest of the community, and as I believe also the interest of the United States. If I am to have any agency in the matter other tahn that imposed on me as a conquered enemy I must be permitted to exercise my discretion, holding myself responsible for my acts, asking only that they be judged under the admission that I am acting in good faith to carry out what I believe to be the interests of all concerned. All of the troops in the State, excepting some staff officers, the sick and absentees, are Floridians; those officers and men in the State who are citizens of other States being permitted to pass with their personal property through the enemy's lines, and to be transported if necessary under such regulations as may be just and proper to be prescribed by the general commanding the U. S. forces whenever they pass, carrying with them their personal property.


Major-General, C. S. Army.



Jacksonville, Fla., May 5, 1865.

Major General SAM. JONES.

Commanding Confederate Forces in Florida:

GENERAL: In reply to your note just handed to me, I have to state that not having as yet received any instructions in the case, I am unable to give you any answer. I will, however, take the earliest opportunity of communicating your wishes to Major-General Gillmore, commanding the department, whom I see by the communication you so, kindly forwarded to me is authorized to receive the surrender of all troops and munitions of war in the Department of the South. Rest assured I will do all in my power should it be left to me to make the arrangements such as are honorable to brave enemies and generous foes.

I am, general, very respectfully, yours, &c.


Brigadier-General, Commanding.