War of the Rebellion: Serial 100 Page 0339 Chapter LIX. CORRESPONDENCE, ETC. -UNION.

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leae an ample supply with the families. Private property of every description, horses, mules, harness, wagons, &c., will be respected. Straggling will be severely punished, and brigade commanders will, by a system of roll-calls and otherwise, take every precaution to prevent this evil. The troops must be kept in ranks while on the march, nor will any enlisted man be permitted to leave the column without authority from his regiment commanders. All unauthorized men found away from the line of march within any house, yard, garden, or inclosure, except to obtain water, will be promptly arrested by the mounted patrol or safeguard and turned over to the rear guard for punishment, at the discretion of the general commanding. There will be an advance guard leading the division each day, whose duty shall be the establishing of safeguards over the dwellings and property along the route, preventing of all straggling toward the head of the column, and enforcement of these orders with the utmost rigor. There will also be a strong rear guard, the duty of which will be to keep the rear of the column constantly well closed up, to prevent straggling toward the rear, to promptly arrest any offender who may violate these orders, and to receive all prisoners that may be turned over by the division during the day. These will, on reaching camp at night, be given to the hands of the division provost-marshal. Brigade commanders will march their command with rear guards for regiments as well as brigades, it being the duty of these guards to keep the column well closed, and to enforce existing orders in regard to the conduct of the troops on the march. This order will be read to every regiment and detachment in the division.

By order of Bvt. Major General C. R. Woods:


Acting Assistant Adjutant-General.



Raleigh, N. C., April 28, 1865.

The following order is substituted for General Orders, Numbers 2, which is hereby revoked: The flags for division headquarters will be of crimson bunting or silk, with yellow or gold fringe. The size will be four feet fly, and three and one-half feet on the pole. An arrow of the distinguishing color of the division, eighteen inches long, will be placed on the flag parallel to the fly, with the barb from the pole, the arrow in the center of the flag. The brigade headquarters flags will be of the same material as those for divisions, of triangular form, the base of the triangle three and one-half feet long on the pole, and the sides four feet long. The First Brigade flag of each division will have one arrow of the color and size of its division placed in the middle of the flag, parallel to the fly. The Second Brigade will have two arrows crossed in such a manner that the shaft of the arrow may be parallel to the sides of the flag. The Third Brigade flag will have three arrows, the position of which will be a combination of the First and Second Brigades' arrows. The pole of the flags will be nine feet long, the head decorated with the barb of an arrow of brass. The flag of the Ninth Illinois Mounted Infantry will be the same size and material as those for the brigade headquarters, with a yellow arrow.

By command of Major General F. P. Blair:


Assistant Adjutant-General.