War of the Rebellion: Serial 099 Page 1322 Chapter LIX] OPERATIONS IN N. C., S. C., S. GA., AND E. FLA.

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Second. All officers and men collected at the several rendezvous established under these orders, south and west of Montgomer, Ala., will be concentrated as soon as practicable at that place, and those brought together in Georgia will be assembled at Augusta. They will chere be formed into temporary companies of sixty privates, and into battalions of eight companies each; will be clothed, armed, and equipped as well as practicable and sent forward without delay to the army in the field.

Third. Corps commanders will cause consolidated descreptive list to be made out at once and sent iuarters of all absentees from their commands, which shall also indicate, in the column of remarks, as accurately as may be, the place of residence or home vicinage of each individual absentee.

Fourth. Officers will be detailed from each corps to proceed without delay to Macon to report to General Mackall to assist either as commandants of the camps of rendezvous, or in such other ways in the discharge of the duties provided for in these orders as General Mackall may direct.

These officers should be selected with a view to special fitness forthe duty and should be impressed with the vival importance to this army of the most active perforamnce of the duties instrusted to them.

By command of General Beauregard:


Assistant Adjutant-General,


Augusta, March 4, 1865.


Charlotte, N. C.:

GENERAL: I have the honor to acknowledge the receipt of your communication of the 20th ultimo, in relation to the troops and trains at Augusta, on the 27th ultimo. It was brought by Captain Hazzard, not Lieutenant Trenbolm, who has not yet reported. I was therefore in the dark in respect to the condition of the army and affairs which Lieutenant Trenbolm was charged to communicate. The orders and instruction embraced in your letter have all been carried out. The troops arriving here are being organized and equpped, and would have moved forward, in pursuance to your instructions from Charlotte of the 24th ultimo, to General Hill, received on the 2nd instant, but the non-arrival of army trains and stores prevented. The trains are detained at Milledgeville in consequence of the high freshet in the Oconee, which has caused the pontoon bridge to be removed. Every effort is being made to hurry them up, in order that they can move with the troops. Your communication of the 13th ultimo, directing me to report with others of the staff, was not received until the 2nd instant. I had made preparations to leave this morning, but last night your orders to General Young of the 27th ultimo were received, by which I am directed to remain here. General Young is preparing to carry out his instructions, but will be delayed for want of pontoon train. This was detained at Macon, in pursuance of orders from Lieutenant-General Taylor and General M. L. Smith. I send telegrams on this subject for your informantion.

In pursuance of your letter of the 24th, orders have been issued to the staff of the Army of Tennessee to report General Joseph E. Johnston at Charlotte. Major-General Elzey, chief of artillery, will remain