War of the Rebellion: Serial 099 Page 1196 OPERATIONS IN N. C., S. C., S. GA., AND E. FLA. Chapter LIX.

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VI. You will leave a few cavalry at the new lines and Fourt Johnson until morning, when they will observe and report to you any oerations of the enemy. These cavalry parties will burn the bridges across the James Islnad Creek, at Dill's Bluff, anr Holmes' house and Newton Cut; also the pontoon, drawbridge, and upper Wappo Cut bridge, near For Pemberton. The infantry picket will act as provost guard and bring up all stragglers.

VII. You will order the troops on the line of the Stono, in Saint Andrews, on the main and the overflow, to conform to your movements and join you at such point as you think proper.

VIII. When you move you will require your troops to march compactly, commanding officers of companies in rear of their companies, and permit no soldier of his company. Direct the officer to enforce this, if necessary, by shooting the offender.

IX. You will halt your troops at proper intervals, stack arms, and call the roll, allowing your troops to rest a reasonable time.

X. You will require your ambulances (or two-horse wagons substituted for ambulances) to march in rear of each organization, to convey such men as may be unable to march, and will require the surgeons to march in rear of their several organizations to decide whether the condition of the soldiers entitles them to such transportation. This and preceding paragraph will apply to all future marches.

XI. You will send to the city to-day or early to-morrow morning all your sick, and such men as are not fit for active service, and you will also forward to-day and to-night such surplus material, ordnance, and ordnance stores as in your judgement can be spared with due regard to holding your lines to the day of evacuation. This is not intended to apply to shot and shell for heavy guns, for which we have no transportation, or to other than fixed ammunition for your guns of small caliber.

XII. I desire you to issue five days' rations to your troops, commencening on Thurdsday morning, which will give you two days' rations in camp, and three days' rations on the march. Of these five days' rations, three days' rations at least (or at your discretion all) must consist of hard bread and bacon at the rate of one pound hard bread and one-half pound bacon to the ration. If you have sugard or coffee now on the island, either for general issue or hospital purposes, issue five days' sugar and coffee to your men.

XIII. For the purpose of preventing any incumbrance or impediment to our movements, you will require Captain Mordeceai, assistant quartermaster, to distribute according to the order sent you yestercday the transportation for your command. You will have the wagons parked for each command at an early hour on to-morrow morning (16th instant), and will notify commanding officers of your different organizations that the load of each wagon will be weighed by the division quartermaster, and that any excess of 1,500 pounds to each four-horse wagon, or 700 pounds to each two-horse wagon, will be thrown off and abandoned when it reports to him.

XIV. In packing the wagons regard will be had first to men, and officers' cooking untensils; second, to officers' bedding, and third, to officers' clothing. No trunk or box for officers (except hand-trunks) containin clothing will be packed on any wagons except staff wagons.

XV. These wagons will report by 12 m. on the 16th instant to your district quartermaster, Captain Mordecal (who will act as quartermaster of your command until the crossing of the Santee), at his