War of the Rebellion: Serial 099 Page 1102 OPERATIONS IN N. C., S. C., S. GA., AND E. FLA. Chapter LIX.

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Near Springtown, S. C., February 5, 1865.

General S. COOPER,

Adjutant and Inspector General, C. S. Army, Ruchmond, Va.:

GENERAL: I had the honor some time since to recommend for promotion Brigadier General W. Y. C. Humes and Brigadier General William W. Allen to command the divisions which are now under their command, and which they have commanded almost continuously for nearly a year. I have another division in my command which requires, for proper organization, a major-general. I would respectfully recommend that one of the following officers be appointed for that position, viz, Brigadier General Felix H. Robertson, of Texas; Brigadier General G. G. Dibrell, of Tennessee, or Brigadier General R. H. Anderson, of Georgia. I cestify on honor that I think the interests of the service would be best subserved by the appointment ofone of the above'named officers to comand that division, than by selecting an officer from another command. All of these five officers have been wounded one or more times while gallantlyfighting under my command, and, with one exception, under my immediate observatiuon. These officers always manage their commans well in action, obey my orders explicitly, and I have always met with fine success while these officers of my command know these officers well, and have every confidence in their discretion and courage. More than half of the general officers of my command have been assigned, instead of promoting colonels, which has discouraged my officers, which was noticed and remarked upon by General Beauregard's inspector-genreal (Major Bryan). I feel it due to my command, as well as to my superior officers, that I should make such recommendati9ons as will result to the bestadvantage of the service. In closing I would state that most of the assignments which have been made to my command have proved disadvantageous to it and the cause. Brigadier-General Robertson is a native and resident of Texas; Brigadier-Brigadier-General Dibrell is a native and resident of Tennesse, and Brigadier-General Anderson is a native and resident of Georgia. If the Department has heard that my command is lacking in discipline, or has not been as successful as other cavalry in its operations, I beg they will have the matter investigated before declining to promote the officers now in my command to fill the vacancies which now exist, or which may occur. Brave and temperate officers, who are entirely devoted to their duties, will do most to bring this strouggle to a successful termination, and such is the character of each one of the officers recommended above. While the country generally and some other commands are somewhat dispirited, my command, on the contraty, maintains the highest spirits, harmony of feeling, and the utmost confidence. I trust that nothing will be done to mar in the slightest fdegree this state of thints, which is so essential to success. Besides this, my command is as strong in numbers as it was in the beginning of the campaign in May, 1864, notwithstanding it has lost since that time about 3. 000 in killed and wounded.

Respectfully, general, your obedient servant,



N. B. -If deemed best, I recommend that the promotions be made to ytemporary ran,; then the departmenr can at any time put them back to the positions these officers now hold, should it become the interests to do so.