War of the Rebellion: Serial 099 Page 1072 OPERATIONS IN N. C., S. C., S. GA., AND E. FLA. Chapter LIX.

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Crew's Brigade.

1st Georgia, Lieutenant Colonel George T. Watts.

2nd Georgia, Captain George C. Looney.

3rd Georgia, Lieutenant Colonel Robert Thompson.

6th Georgia, Colonel John R. Hart.


Brigadier General WILLIAM Y. C. HUMES.

Dibrell's Brigade.

4th Tennessee, Colonel William S. McLemore.

13th Tennessee,, .

Shaw's (Tennessee) Battalion, Captain R. V. Wright.

Ashby's Brigade.

1st Tennessee, Lieutenant Colonel James H. Lewis.

2nd Tennessee, Lieutenant Colonel John H. Kuhn.

5th Tennessee, Colonel George W. McKenzie.

9th Tennessee Battalion, Captain W. L. Bromley.

Harrison's Brigade.

3rd Arkansas, Major William H. Blackwell.

8th Tennessee, Lieutenant Colonel Paul F. Anderson.

8th Texas, Lieutenant Colonel Gustave Cook.

11th Texas, Lieutenant Colonel Robert W. Hooks.


Ferguson's Brigade.

2nd Alabama, Colonel John N. Carpenter.

56th Alabama, Colonel William Boyles.

9th Mississippi, Captain Benjamin Stevens.

10th Mississippi,* Colonel Wm. M. Inge.

11th Mississippi, Lieutenant Colonel Hernry L. Muldrow.

Lewis' Brigade. +

1st [3rd] Kentucky, Lieutenant Colonel Jacob W. Griffith.

2nd Kentucky, Major Thomas W. Lewis.

2nd Kentucky Infantry (mounted), Lieutenant Colonel Philip Lee.

4th Kentucky Infantry (mounted), Captain Thomas Steele, Jr.

5th Kentucky Infantry (mounted),, .

6th Kentucky Infantry (mounted),, .

9th Kentucky, Colonel William C. P. Breckinridge.

9th Kentucky Infantry (mounted), Colonel John W. Caldwell.

Hannon's Brigade. ++

24th Alabama Battalion, Captain R. F. Davis.

53rd Alabama, Captain John H. Hannon.

11th Georgia, Lieutenant Colonel Hugh W. Barclay.



Huggins' battery, Captain Almarie L. Huggins.

Ramsey's battery, Captain D. Breck Ramsey.

White's battery, Lieutenant J. L. Whittington.

Wiggins' battery, Lieutenant Thomas M. Ellis.


*Formerly the 12th Mississippi Battalion.

+A consolidation of Breckinridge's and Lewis' brigades directed by Special Orders, Numbers 1, headquarters Department of South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida, of January 2, 1865.

++But Special Orders, Numbers 1, Departmant of South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida, January 2, 1865, directed that this brigade be broken up; that the 24th Alabama Battalion and 53th Alabama Regiment be transferred to Hagan's brigade, and the 30th Battalion [11th Regiment] Georgia to Anderson's brigade.