War of the Rebellion: Serial 099 Page 1071 Chapter LIX. CORRESPONDENCE, ETC. - CONFEDERATE.

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Major General AMBROSE R. WRIGHT.

Mercer's Brigade.

1st South Carolina Cavalry, Company K, Captain Angus P. Brown.

1st, 2nd, 6th, and 7th South Carolina Reserves, Brigadier General Albert G. Blanchard.

2nd South Carolina Artillery, Company C, Captain Medicus Riskenbaker.

Adams' (Georgia) Battalion, Major Adams.

Daniell's Battery, Captain Charles Daniell.

De Pass' Battery, Captain W. L. De Pass.

German Artillery, Captain William K. Bachman.

Guerard's (Georgia) Battery, Captain John M. Guerard.

Jacques' (Georgia) Battalion, Major Samuel R. Jacques.

Kay's (Southh Carolina) reserve cavalry company, Captain James D. Kay.

Regular (Georgia) Battery. Lieutenant C. B. Richardson.

Robertson's Brigade.

2nd, 3rd, and 4th South Carolina Militia, Colonel A. D. Goodwayn.

Beaufort Artillery, Captain H. M. Stuart.

Chesnut Light Artillery, Captain Frederick C. Schulz.

German Artillery, Comapany A, Captain F. W. Wagener.

Mathewes' Battery, Captain J. raven Mathewes.

Stono (South Carolina) Scouts, Captain John B. L. Waplpole.

Wagner Artillery, Captain Charles E. Kanapaux.

Washington Artillery, Captain George H. Walter.

Wikin's cavalry company (South Carolina Reserves), Cpt. Wilkins.


Major General GUSTAVUS W. SMITH.

First Brigade Georgia Reserves, Brigadier General Reuben W. Carswell.

Second Brigade Georgia Reserves, Brigadier General Pleasant J. Phillips.

Third Brigade Georgia Reserves, Brigadier General Charles D. Anderson.

Fourth Brigade (12th Regiment), Colonel Richard Sims.

1st Georgia State Line,

Colonel James Wilson.

2nd Georgia State Line,

Colonel James Wilson.

Georgia Cadets, Major F. W. Capers.

Pioneer (Georgia) corps, Captain B. M. Polhill.

Pruden's (Georgia) Battery, Captain W. H. Pruden.




Anderson's Brigade.

3rd Confederate, Colonel P. H. Rice.

8th Confederate, Lieutenant Colonel John S. Prather.

10th Confederate, Captain W. Q. Vason.

5th Georgia, Colonel Edward Bird.

Hagan's Brigade.

1st Alabama, Colonel David T. Blakey.

3rd Alabama, Lieutenant Colonel Josiah Robins.

9th Alabama, Captain S. P. Dobbs.

12th Alabama, Lieutenant Colonel Marcellus Pointer.

51st Alabama, Colonel M. L. Kirkpatrick.


*As reported January 20, 1865; composition not indicated on return for Janaury 31, 1865.

+As reported January 20, 1865. It is not accounted for in return for January 31. The command was serving under Major General D. H. Hill, commanding District of Georgia, who also is not accounted for on original return.

++Actual commanders of Allen's division and the several brigades no indicated on original return. Six brigadier-generals, names not given, reported present for duty. On January 19, 1865, Butler's division was ordered to South Carolina, and on the 28th of January, Major General Wade Hampton was reported for duty in this department. These officers are not accounted for on original return.