War of the Rebellion: Serial 099 Page 1009 Chapter LIX. CORRESPONDENCE, ETC. - CONFEDERATE.

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ordered Conner's brigade to re-enforce you. I shall order Wheeler to attack the enemy in flank. I shall leave here in the morning to join you.



CHARLESTON, S. C., January 14, 1865.

Captain P. N. PAGE,

Assistant Adjutant-General:

CAPTAIN: I have the honor to submit the following report of inspection of batteries:

Battery Geddes. - Earth-work revetted; in fine order; has openings for five guns; but two mounted, one 32, rifled and banded, and one 24, smooth-bore. The 32-pounder has no ammunition and no implements. The 24-pounder has twenty-three round shot, nine canister, and two stand of grape; a new sponge is wanted. The magazine is quite dry and in good order, except that the outer door is down. It is manned by a detachment of fourteen men and one lieutenant. The lieutenant now in command is sick and goes to hospital to-day. The men are in good health, well clad, armed with rifles, have proper accouterments, and about thirty-five rounds of cartridges.

Battery Hayne. - Earth-work revetted; in tolerable order; has three guns mounted, one 32-pounder, rifled and banded, without implements or ammunition; two 24-pounders, rifled, eighty-eight shell, eighteen grape, twenty canister. Have rammers, sponges, and handspikes, but sponges worn out. Smaller implements, such as pouches, thumbstalls, &c., are wanting. Garrison, fourteen men, armed with rifles, accouterments complete, and forty rounds of ammunition.

Battery Wilkes. - Earth-work revetted, with two guns mounted in main work, having also flank works for one gun each. One of the guns is a 32-pounder, rifled and banded. It is without implements or ammunition. The other is a 24-pounder, smooth-bore, with fifty round shot, twenty stand of grape, and forty-nine canister. The friction-primers are so large that they cannost be used. There are no implements except handspikes and rammer. The hub of one wheel is rotten. Magazine in good order. Garrison consists of eight men and one corporal.

Overflow Battery, Numbers 1. - Earth-work without embrasures or travers. Has two guns mounted, one 32-pounder, smooth-bore, and one 24-pounder, smooth; have 140 cartridges; no projectiles for the 32-pounder; twelve shells for the 24-pounder. Have rammers and handspikes, but no small implements, such as pouches, thumb stalls, &c. Garrison, one sergeant, one corporal, and ten men.

Overflow Battery, Numbers 2. - Earth-work without embrasures and traverses. Has three guns, two 24-pounders and one 12-pounder, all smoothbore; 208 cartridges for 24-pounder, 58 cartridges for 12-pounder, 30 shell, 114 grape, 124 canister for 24-pounder, and 79 shot, 53 canister, 50 shot for 12-pounder. There are a few handspikes, rammers, and a sponge, but all other implements are wanting. Garrison consists of fifteen men.

Battery Maywood. - Earth-work without embrasures or traverses. The platforms (two) are partially destroyed, otherwise the work is in good order. The wood opposite the battery is not more than 150 yards distant, consisting of swamp trees and pines, and would enable the enemy's marksmen to silence the battery. No garrison or guns.