War of the Rebellion: Serial 099 Page 0760 OPERATIONS IN N. C., S. C., S. GA., AND E. FLA. Chapter LIX.

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The bridge over Little Rockfish is partly burned but can be easily repaired. I shall send forward at daylight to have it done. I shall not need the First Michigan, and will send orders for them to move with the Fourth Division.

Very respectfully,




Davis' Bridge, N. C., March 10, 1865.

Major General F. P. BLAIR,

Commanding Seventeenth Army Corps:

GENERAL: General G. A. Smith's division was entirely across with trains before 6 o'clock. The First Michigan Engineners did not arrive here until near dark, and has gone into camp near here. The general thoght that as they had worked hard all day that he would not send them forward, but will do so at an early hour to-morrow morning if you need them. The general thinks that you may move General Smith's division forward to-morrow a. m. on the road on wich he is now moving, beyond Little Rockfish, over which there is a bridge which needs very little repair.

Very respectfully, your obedient servant,


Assistant Adjutant-General.


Near Rockfish Creek, N. C., March 10, 1865.

I. Division commanders will cause a sufficient number of good cattle to be collected in the country to have fifteen days' supply of beef contnually on hand.

II. The State of North Carolina is to a great extent loyal, and as such, a marked difference should bemade in the manner in which we treat the people and the manner in which tose of South Carolina were treated. Nothing should be taken fro them except what is absolutely necessary for the use of the army, and to this end the following regulations for foraging are made and will be strictly enforced: A foraging party for each division will be organized, to consist of sixty men and the proper number of commissioned officers. Reliable officers will be selected for these parties, officers who can and will control their men, and they will be held strickly responsible for the acts of the men. The men will not be permitted to enter dwelling houses under any circumstances. They must be kept together and at all times under the eye of a commissioned officer. if it is necessary to deach a portion of the party they will be sent under charge of a commissioned officer. These parties will take nothing but what is necessary-that is, animals, food for the command, and forage for the stock. Each division and brigade headquarters, battery, and train will be allowed a sufficient number of foragers, to be regulated by division commanders, and placed in charge of a reliable non-commissioned officer, who will keep them together and subject them to the rules prescribed for the division party. Each of these foragers will be provided with a pass. Division commanders willc ause all animals to be taken from persons not authorized to be mounted. All unserviceable animals will be shot, and after filling up