War of the Rebellion: Serial 099 Page 0750 OPERATIONS IN N. C., S. C., S. GA., AND E. FLA. Chapter LIX.

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our force at Gum Swmp agin. I would preffer to run the risk of sending some force from this wing to you rather then have you move from yours, though at present a lively skirmish is going on in frnt. Stimulate you men to gret activity and courage. I wish you had mentioneed precisely what you condition is as to rations.

J. D. COX,

Major- General, Commanding.


March 9, 1865- 9. 20 a. m.

[Major- General COX:]

GENERAL: Pickets report agin the enemy amssing at some point on our right. I will find, if possible, where the point is. The First and THird Brigades of my division have rations for to- day, except one regiment, which has none; and I will send by the orderly the state of the rations in Second Birgade. We must expect either an attack on our right soon, or that the enemy will give us the "go-by" and move on our communications.

Very resepctfully, yours,


Brigadier- General.


March 9, 1865- 11. 50 a. m.

Major- General COX,


The enemy are reported to be moving a force along their lines toward our left. I send ths along thrugh my division and that of Geneal Ruger, to you.

Very respectfully, your obedient servant,


Brigadier- General.

WISE'S FORKS, March 9, 1865- 11 p. m.

Brigadier-General PALMER,

Commandingn FIrst Division, &c. ;

Our cavalry on my extreme left report our cavalry vedettes driven in by rebel cavalry about two miles dwown the Trent road. This may mean that some cavalry squad has cut thrugh to do some mishchief in our rear, or that it is a reconnaissance. Please notify by signal General Thomas' regiment, at Gum Swmp, to srengthen its pickets to its left and front (toward us), and send us word if they hear of anything. Please also have the intelligence telegraphed to the posts on the railroad and constructin corps. Some of my wagons left Biddle road station at 6. 30 p. m. and have come in. They heard nothing of the party of rebels reported this p. m.

J. D. COX,

Major- General.