War of the Rebellion: Serial 099 Page 0728 OPERATIONS IN N. C., S. C., S. GA., AND E FLA. Chapter LIX.

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thirther this afternoon to go to work in the morning and repair it. The river is not wide, there being only one trestle to the bridge.



Major- General.




Laurel Hill, N. C., March 8, 1865.

I. The Fifteenth Army COrps, Major General John A. Logan commanding, will move to- morrow, crossing Lumber River at Gilchrist's Bridge. One division will move thence, by the right- hand road, to Rnadalsville. The other three divisions, moving on the direct road, will cross Raft Swamp with at least one division. The Seventeenth Army corps, Major G en. F. P. Blair commanding, will move from Campbell's Bridge, by both routes- two divisions by the lower, the other by the road via Melrose, the head of both columns reachingthe cross- road beyond Raft Sqamp if possibel. The bridge train will follow the main column of the Fifteenth Army Corps. These headquarters will follow the leading division of the Fifteenth Army Corps, and be established at Rnadalsville.

II. Hereafter but one mounted foraging pary, to consist of sixty men with the proper number of commissiaoned officers, will be allowed for each divison. The division commanders will be careful to select reliebvle officers of r the command of these parties who shall be held strictly accountable for the conduct of thr men. Wheneer it may be necessary tosend a party from the main body, a commissined officer will be sent in charge, but in no case will it be allowed to go in adcvnce of the infantry advance guard of the leading division, or more than five miles from either flank of the column. All surplus animals will be disposed of by the corps quartermasters for the benefit of the artillery, bridge train, &c. Foraging for the artillery traisn, including the pontoons and the different headquarters, will ontinue as at present.

III. If not already done, there will be organized for each division a provost guard, to consist of as many picked and resolute men as the division commanders may deem sufficeint. on the marh thegaurd of the leading divisionw ill march with the advance guard, and establish gurads at every house on the line of march, which wll be relieved by the guard of each succeeding division as it comes up.

By order of Major General O. O. Howard:


Assistant Ajdutna-Geneal.


Laurel Hill, N. C., March 8, 1865.

Captain A.m. VAN DYKE,

Asst. Adjt. General, Departmetn and Army of the Tennessee:

CAPTAIN: Ihave the honor to inform you for the infoarmation of the commanding genel that staff officers from the rear of Generals Smith; 's and Woods' trains report the roads alost impassable and the trains of both divisions teribvly stretched out and miring badly. The rear