War of the Rebellion: Serial 099 Page 0564 OPERATIONS IN N. C., S. C., S. GA., AND E. FLA. Chapter LIX.

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ing, by force of arms, the Government of their choice and the life of the nation, they are at the same time effectually asserting the inviolable doctrine that this continent is forever devoted to the cause of liberal institutions and republican government.

2. Resolved, That the recent signal victories achieved by the military and naval power of the United States over the insurgent forces in revolt against the Government call for the expression of cordial congratulations to officers, soldiers, and seamen, who share in the renown of these glorious successes.

3. Resolved, That the armies led by Generals Grant, Sherman, Thomas, Meade Sheridan, and Terry, and the naval forces serving under the orders of Admirals Farragut and Porter, have, by their valor and devotion to duty, maintained the integrity of the nation and upheld the honor of its flag, and richly deserve the applause of a grateful people.

4. Resolved, That in brilliancy of design, intrepid energy of action, inexorable determination to compel success, the campaign of Georgia and the Carolinas has no example in military history, and covers the names of Grant and Sherman with imperishable glory.

5. Resolved, That the treacherous assault upon Sumter has been fitly expiated in the ignominious flight of the assailants from the soil they has desecrated without a shot fired in defense of a city dedicated to treason.

6. Resolved, That it is becoming in a free and enlightened people to recognize and applaud distinguished public rendered in the cause of the country, and that the citizens of New York regard it as a duty to give public expression of their gratitude to the heroic men who, under Divine Providence, have defended the flag and preserved the honor of the nation.

7. Resolved, That a committee of citizens be appointed to consider and report, at a subsequent meeting to be called by the chairman and secretary, in regard to the time and manner of celebrating ths of the Union arms, and with the purpose of uniting in a whole community, irrespective of all other considerations, in a grand ovation to the principles of loyal duty to the country and its Government.

8. Resolved, That copies of these resolutions be transmitted to the President of the United States, to the governor of this State, and to the several officers named therein, and that the same be published.

Brief remarks were made by Mr. William M. Evarts, Mr. Wetmore, and others, and the resolutions were unanimously adopted.

Judge Davies offered the following resolution, which was seconded by Mr. R. L. Stuart, and unanimously adopted:

Resolved, That the President be requested to send a national ship to Charleston Harbor to convey thither General Robert Anderson, that he may replace upon the flag-staff of Fort Sumter that national banner, the emblem of our liberties and of our Union, which, on the 13th of April, 1861, he was compelled to lower at the dictation of the traitors of South Carolina.

By order of the meeting:








Washington, February 25, 1865.

* * * * *

53. Brigadier General Hugh Ewing, U. S. Volunteers, will report in person without delay to Major-General Schofield, U. S. Volunteers, commanding Department of North Carolina, to relieve Brigadier General T. F. Meagher, U. S. Volunteers.

* * * * *

By order of the Secretary of War:


Assistant Adjutant-General.