War of the Rebellion: Serial 099 Page 0276 OPERATIONS IN N. C., S. C., GA., AND E. FLA. Chapter LIX.

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226.] BALTIMORE, January 28, 1865.


Bellaire, Ohio:

We found it impossible to get the 550 stoves necessary for cars. We have enough for 300, but to close up the movement properly we are hurrying out to the west 100 more cars that have stoves, being the first hundred that left river for east. We have heard of no suffering, the cars being full of straw or hay and the men regaled at intervals with hot coffee plentifully. Movement going on very successfully, we think, and especially so considering weather and other difficulties.


227.] WHEELING, January 29, 1865.

Colonel L. B. PARSONS,


We have the first battery, guns, &c., loaded. The captain informs me his horses, all of them, only arrived last night, and will not be fit to start until to-morrow, and we are ready in cars and power any moment. Will carry out your views with great pleasure. Before you leave make an order on me to push forward the batteries with all dispatch, and I will use it in discretion with the officers which may aid us. Do you leave this a. m.? If I had known it would have gone down to see you. How many cars of troops yet to come?


228.] BENWOOD, January 29, 1865-12. 25 p. m.


Agent, Wheeling:

Your dispatch received. It seems to me the first battery might and ought to get off at once. There will be three more artillery trains up to-day, and if they do not proceed promptly there will be delay and confusion. Captain Artsman will please examine into each case and direct that they proceed just as soon and as fast as he thinks they can properly do so, and you can load them. I shall not go till all are off. If there is unavoidable delay telegraph me and I will come up if you and Captain Artsman desire. I have requested Captain Goodrich, assistant quartermaster, to go up and to consult with you. We are getting on well here.


Colonel and Chief of Rail and River Transportation.

229.] BELLAIRE, January 29, 1865-10 a. m.


Columbus, Ohio:

Your two dispatches of yesterday received. I am glad to know that our work is so near done. I hope Pease will send the stragglers along in a body (see 216) as soon as possible, showing the number coming. In your report please make similar full explanation in regard to the cause of detentions, so as to avoid misapprehension.


Colonel and Chief of Rail and River Transportation.