War of the Rebellion: Serial 099 Page 0237 Chapter LIX. CORRESPONDENCE, ETC. -UNION.

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General McLean being very much overcrowded, at his request I gave him the following boats in addition: Navigator, Omaha, Brilliant, Alex. Speer, and Fannie Brandies, five in number, making twenty-one boats attached to his fleet, and one barge loaded with artillery. The boats which came down with General Couch are the Izetta, Plaestine, Huntsman, Science Numbers 2, in addition to which I have given him here the W. F. Curtis and Kate Robinson. This will leave for you here the Blackford, Majestic, and Iron Ciry. It does not seem possible that there can be any deficiency in transportation. Should I be mistaken, you can take any other boat you think proper. You will take the general control of all the abofe boats, should you overtake any of them, as well as those coming down with you subject, of course, to the orders of commanding generals. I fear some of them may lag behind; if so you will give such imperative orders as shall press them forward. I expect to be in Louisville to-morrow (Thursday) night, and leave there some time the next day. On arriving here you will telegraph my fully, to be sent in cipher, to care of General Allen, at Louisville and again to Cincinnati, from Evansville and Louisville. If I am gone they will be forwarded. I may telegraph you at Evansville and Louisville through the quartermaster. Would it not be well to keep Captains Hendricks and Downs with you as far as you go? I leave it for your discretion. When you cannot telegraph in cipher, telegraph as fully as you safely. Be sure to take boats enough to make the troops comfortable.

Hoping for your entire success, I am sincerely, yours,


Colonel and Chief of Rail and River Transportation.

73.] WASHINGTON, D. C., January 17, 1865-11 a.m.

Colonel PARSONS:

Schofield's corps is to be taken to Alexandria, Va., instead of Annapolis, Mc.


Assistant Secretary of War.

74.] WASHINGTON, D. C., January 17, 1865.

Colonel PARSONS:

C. A. Dana directs me to inquire the length of time it takes loaded transportat to come from Eastport to Paducah and from Paducah to Cincinnati. Please answer.


75.] ODIN, ILL., January 19, 1865.

Captain J. H. WILSON,

Assistant Quartermaster, Paducah, Ky.:

Please see they get boats enough to be comforable, and advise me here if Edwards arrives before 8 o'clock.


Colonel and Chief of Rail and River Transportation.