War of the Rebellion: Serial 099 Page 0153 Chapter LIX. CORRESPONDENCE, ETC. -UNION.

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agent at Hilton Head, relative to trade permits. Also a form that he requests may be put upon all permits for traders to bring goods to Savannah on private vessels, after you have approved of said permits.

Very respectfully, your obedient servant,


Assistant Adjutant-General.



Hilton Head, S. C., January 28, 1865.


Assistant Treasury Agent, Hilton Head, S. C.:

SIR: Referring to the conversation of yesterday on matters concerning trade, I have to state in writing the substance thereof in order that there may be no misunderstanding. I desire that all permits to take good into the different districts of this command, signed by myself as a military necessity, may, after the payment of the proper charges, be cleared at once for their destination and that goods may not be cleared under any other circumstances. Whenever lists of trade stores allowed in either of the districts are made out, approved by me, and submitted to you, with the amount of trade per month to be allowed each store, I request that you may allow this mount to be introduced monthly without further permits being required, but not to allow the parties to exceed the limit prescribed. Anything beyond this limit must have a separate permit approved by me. It is understood that the trade stores in Beaufort and Hilton Head are to have the limit of $6,000 per month for January and February. Thereafter they will be restricted to the old limit. The limit for the trade stores at Savannah is yet to be established, and until this is done goods are to be admitted on special permits. With regard to the vessels for conveying goods to the different blockading points in the department, as the Treasury Department requires me to certify that the shipments are to be on the same footing as Government stores and Government transports (see Form A), I desire that whenever such a certificate is made by me the vessel be cleared without delay, and that if there be any infraction of the Treasury regulations which makes it necessary for you to inflict proper punishment in the way of seizure, this may be done without interfering with the passage of such vessels or the conveyance of the necessary supplies. Whenever I sign a permit for goods to bet of the department as a military necessity I expect such permit to be respected and the goods to be cleared without unnecessary delay.

Very respectfully, your obedient servant,


Major-General, Commanding.

BALTIMORE, MD., January 28, 1865-8. 30 p.m.

(Received 9. 15 p.m.)

Honorable c. A. DANA,

Assistant Secretary of War:

Since my telegram of the 25th, furnishing particulars of shipments of troops from Benwood, including train Numbers 17, we have forwarded from that point, prior to 10 last p.m., additional trains with an aggregate of 247 cars troops, horses, baggage, and Artillery. The weather is still