War of the Rebellion: Serial 099 Page 0076 Chapter LIX. OPERATIONS IN N. C., S. C., S. GA., AND E. FLA.

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the road. When you pass Garden's Corners to the left (going from the ferry to Pocotaligo) on the Union road there are obstructions and a field-work commanding the main road; and still farther to the left near Bridge Church is another work. On the Union road above Sheldon Church are more obstructions (abatis), but no works. Above where Stony Creek crosses the Pocotaligo road there is an earth-woks. Stony Creek is not fordable below the road, but is above, where there are rice fields with water standing about knee deep. Seven miles from the ferry is a mud fort with two guns (apparently same captured by Captain Gouraud December 5, 1864); cannon broken and lying by road about a mile and a quarter from ferry. From the cannon on a line toward the creek in open woods, a negro says, there were torpedoes, kind unknown, in August, 1864.

Port Royal Ferry. -Picket of lieutenant and five men in September, 1864; picket relieved from Pocotaligo; slight earth-works, fallen to decay; about 100 yards from causeway, west of road, in the brush on heavy, hard ground, about thirty yards from marsh, nearly opposite where the ambulance wagon stops is a heavy mine, got at by a trapdoor; it is close to the Major's quarters. An extra guard is stationed ten or fifteen yards beyond it, evidently intended to watch it. Nothing of the kind was seen by the reconnaissance of December 5, 1864.

Coupon's Bluff. -Below Page 's Point; a good landing, and no works on the road till you reach Stony Creek Church.

From Pocotaligo to Mackay's Bluff. -Breast-works at Causton's place with places for light guns; also at the bridge at Causton's and at the bridge near Frampton's. Both these creeks can be forded above the bridge, but not below.

From Pocotaligo to Tullifinny River. -No works either on the railroad or the dirt road, except woks facing Mackay's Point. (See above.)

Tullifinny River. -Railroad bridge, 150 yards long; dirt-road (?) bridge, 75 to 100 yards long; no works at railroad bridge. On dirt road at Mason's Bridge, on Pocotaligo side of the creek, is a battery for field pieces. The existence of such battery is denied.

Peninsula between Tullifinny and Coosawhatchie Rivers. -Intrenchments along line of road alleged to exist to not exist. From lower landing to cross-roads, four miles, and from upper landing to cross-roads, three miles and three-quarters; from coss-road to railroad, one-quarter of a mile (this is wrong; it is at least half a mile, probably more); from cross-roads to either bridge on the dirt road, three-quarters of a mile. No works on road leading up the peninsula; country mostly open, with some belts of woods till reaching cross-roads, thence thick wood with some openings, but no beaten road to railroad; rivers fringed by woods; sixteen men from Kanapaux's company on picket at Gregory's.

Coosawhatchie River. -Railroad bridge on trestles fifty feet (?) long; fifty yards long, no trestle work; in three sections, 200, 150, and 100 yards long, respectfully. Dirt road runs along railroad; bridge is the same (wrong); two planks run along middle of railroad bridge; dirt road bridge, 75 or 100 yards long. On December 6 regiment of Georgia Reserves (300 or 400) near bridge; Artillery said to be there. Country between railroad and dirt road open, with woods in a bend of river on north side, houses on south side. On south side of Coosawhatchie are heavy works for six guns, with rifle-pits; works not closed (?). The railroad runs through the batteries; one large and one small battery on either side of the railroad; they look south and down the river.