War of the Rebellion: Serial 096 Page 1180 N. AND SE. VA., W. VA., MD., AND PA. Chapter LVIII.

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Wofford's Brigade.

Brigadier General DUDLEY M. DU BOSE.

16th Georgia, Major John H. Skelton.

18th Georgia, Colonel Joseph Armstrong.

24th Georgia, Colonel C. C. Sanders.

3rd Georgia Battalion Sharpshooters, Lieutenant Colonel Nathan L. Hutchins, jr., Cobb's Legion, Major William W. McDaniel.

Phillips Legion, Lieutenant Colonel Joseph Hamilton.


Major General GEORGE E. PICKETT.

Corse's Brigade.*

Brigadier General MONTGOMERY D. CORSE.

15th Virginia, Lieutenant Colonel Emmett M. Morrison.

17th Virginia, Colonel Arthur Herbert.

29th Virginia, Colonel James Giles.

30th Virginia, Colonel Robert S. Chew.

32nd Virginia, Lieutenant Colonel William R. Willis.

Steuart's Brigade.

Brigadier General GEORGE H. STEUART.

9th Virginia, Colonel James J. Phillips.

14th Virginia, Colonel William White.

38th Virginia, Colonel George K. Griggs.

53rd Virginia, Colonel William R. Aylett.+

57th Virginia, Colonel Clement R. Fontaine.

Hunton's Brigade.


8th Virginia, Lieutenant Colonel Edmund Berkeley.

18th Virginia, Colonel Henry A. Carrington.

19th Virginia, Major Waller M. Boyd.

28th Virginia, Lieutenant Colonel William L. Wingfield.

56th Virginia, Colonel William E. Green.

Terry's Brigade.

Brigadier General WILLIAM R. TERRY.

1st Virginia, Lieutenant Colonel Frank H. Langley.

3rd Virginia, Colonel Joseph Mayo, jr.

7th Virginia, Colonel Charles C. Flowerree.

11th Virginia, Captain Robert M. Mitchell, jr.

24th Virginia, Major William W. Bentley.


Major General JOHN B. GORDON.


Brigadier General JOHN PEGRAM.

Johnston's Brigade.

Brigadier General ROBERT D. JOHNSTON.

5th North Carolina, Captain James M. Taylor.

12th North Carolina, Captain John A. Drake.

20th North Carolina, Captain Pleasant A. Smith.

23rd North Carolina, Captain Frank Bennett.

1st North Carolina Battalion, Lieutenant Cornelius A. Shultz.

Lewis' Brigade.

Brigadier General WILLIAM G. LEWIS.

6th North Carolina, Captain John A. McPherson.

21st North Carolina, Captain Byrd Snow.

54th North Carolina, Captain R. A. Barrow.

57th North Carolina, Captain John Beard.

Pegram's Brigade.


13th Virginia, Captain George Cullen.

31st Virginia, Captain Nathan Clawson.

49th Virginia, Captain Jerome B. Norvill.

52nd Virginia, Captain Cyrus B. Coiner.

58th Virginia, Lieutenant Colonel John G. Kasey.


*Corse's brigade serving under Kershaw's command.

+Reported absent on inspection report and actual commander not indicated.