War of the Rebellion: Serial 096 Page 1174 N. AND SE. VA., W. VA., MD., AND PA. Chapter LVIII.

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Sanders' Brigade.

Brigadier General JOHN C. C. SANDERS.

8th Alabama, Colonel Young L. Royston.

9th Alabama, Colonel J. Horace King.

10th Alabama, Colonel William H. Forney.

11th Alabama, Colonel George E. Tayloe.

13th Alabama, Colonel James Aiken.

14th Alabama, Colonel Lucius Pinckard.

Harris' Brigade.

Brigadier General NATHANIEL H. HARRIS.

12th Mississippi, Colonel Merry B. Harris.

16th Mississippi, Colonel Edward C. Councill.

19th Mississippi, Colonel Richard W. Phipps.

48th Mississippi, Colonel Joseph M. Jayne.

Weisiger's Brigade.

Brigadier General DAVID A. WEISIGER.

6th Virginia, Colonel George T. Rogers.

12th Virginia, Lieutenant Colonel Everard M. Feild.

16th Virginia, Colonel Joseph H. Ham.

41st Virginia, Colonel William A. Parham.

61st Virginia, Colonel Virginius D. Groner.

Sorrel's Brigade.

Brigadier General G. MOXLEY SORREL.

3rd Georgia, Colonel Edward J. Walker.

22nd Georgia, Colonel George H. Jones.

48th Georgia, Colonel William Gibson.

64th Georgia, Colonel Walter H. Weems.

2nd Georgia Battalion, Major Charles J. Moffett.

10th Georgia Battalion, Captain James D. Frederick.

Finegan's Brigade.

Brigadier General JOSEPH FINEGAN.

2nd Florida, Major Walter R. Moore.

5th Florida, Colonel Thomas B. Lamar.

8th Florida, Colonel David Lang.

9th Florida, Colonel John M. Martin.

10th Florida, Colonel Charles F. Hopkins.

11th Florida, Colonel Theodore W. Brevard.




Wise's Brigade.

Brigadier General HENRY A. WISE.

26th Virginia, Captain William K. Perrin.

34th Virginia, Colonel John T. Goode.

46th Virginia, Captain John H. White.

59th Virginia, Major Robert G. Mosby.

Gracie's Brigade.

Brigadier General ARCHIBALD GRACIE, Jr.

41st Alabama, Colonel Martin L. Stansel.

43rd Alabama, Major William J. Mims.

59th Alabama, Lieutenant Colonel George W. Huguley.

60th Alabama, Colonel John W. A. Sanford.

23rd Alabama Battalion Sharpshooters, Captain Robert H. Molton.

Elliott's Brigade.

Brigadier General STEPHEN ELLIOTT, Jr.

Brigadier General STEPHEN ELLIOTT, Jr.

17th South Carolina, Colonel Fitz William McMaster.

18th South Carolina, Lieutenant Colonel W. B. Allison.

22nd South Carolina, Colonel William G. Burt.

23rd South Carolina, Lieutenant Colonel Joshua H. Hudson.

Holcombe Legion, Captain A. B. Woodruff.

Ransom's Brigade.

Brigadier General MATTHEW W. RANSOM.

24th North Carolina, Lieutenant Colonel John L. Harris.

25th North Carolina, Lieutenant Colonel Matthew N. Love.

35th North Carolina, Colonel James T. Johnson.

49th North Carolina, Colonel Lee M. McAfee.

56th North Carolina, Lieutenant Colonel G. Gratiott Luke.


*One major-general and four brigadier-generals reported present for duty.

+One major-general and one brigadier-general reported present for duty.