War of the Rebellion: Serial 096 Page 1173 Chapter LVIII. CORRESPONDENCE, ETC.-CONFEDERATE.

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Lieutenant General AMBROSE P. HILL.


Major General HENRY HETH.

Davis' Brigade.

Brigadier General JOSEPH R. DAVIS.

1st Confederate Battalion, ---- ----.

2nd Mississippi, Colonel John M. Stone.

11th Mississippi, Lieutenant Colonel William B. Lowry.

26th Mississippi, Colonel Arthur E. Reynolds.

42nd Mississippi, Colonel Andrew M. Nelson.

Mac Rae's Brigade.

Brigadier General WILLIAM MACRAE.

11th North Carolina, Colonel William J. Martin.

26th North Carolina, Colonel John R. Lane.

44th North Carolina, Colonel Thomas C. Singeltary.

47th North Carolina, Colonel George H. Faribault.

52nd North Carolina, Colonel Marcus A. Parks.

Cooke's Brigade.

Brigadier General JOHN R. COOKE.

15th North Carolina, Lieutenant Colonel William H. Yarborough.

27th North Carolina, Colonel John A. Gilmer, jr.

46th North Carolina, Colonel William L. Saunders.

48th North Carolina, Colonel Samuel H. Walkup.

55th North Carolina, Colonel John K. Connally.

Archer's and Johnson's Brigade.+

2ndf Maryland Battalion, Lieutenant Colonel James R. Herbert.

1st Tennessee (Provisional Army), Colonel Newton J. George.

7th Tennessee, Colonel John A. Fite.

14th Tennessee, Colonel William McComb.

17th and 23rd Tennessee, ---- ----.

44th and 25th Tennessee, ---- ----.

63rd Tennessee, ----




Major General CADMUS M. WILCOX.

Thomas' Brigade.

Brigadier General EDWARD L. THOMAS.

14th Georgia, Colonel Richard P. Lester.

35th Georgia, Colonel Bolling H. Holt.

45th Georgia, Colonel Thomas J. Simmons.

49th Georgia, Colonel John T. Jordan.

McGowan's Brigade.

Brigadier General SAMUEL MCGOWAN.

1st South Carolina (Provisional Army), Colonel Charles W. McCreary.

12th South Carolina, Lieutenant Colonel T. Frank Clyburn.

13th South Carolina, Colonel Isaac F. Hunt.

14th South Carolina, Colonel Joseph N. Brown.

Orr's Rifles, Colonel George McD. Miller.

Lane's Brigade.

Brigadier General JAMES H. LANE.

7th North Carolina, Colonel Edward G. Haywood.

18th North Carolina, Colonel John D. Barry.

28th North Carolina.

33rd North Carolina, Colonel Robert V. Cowan.

37th North Carolina, Lieutenant Colonel William G. Morris.

Scales' Brigade.

Brigadier General ALFRED M. SCALES.

13th North Carolina, Colonel Joseph H. Hyman.

16th North Carolina, Colonel William A. Stowe.

22nd North Carolina, Colonel Thomas S. Gallaway.

34th North Carolina, Colonel William L. J. Lowrance.

38th North Carolina, Colonel John Ashford.


*One major-general and three brigadier-generals reported present for duty.

+Now McComb's.