War of the Rebellion: Serial 096 Page 1170 N. AND SE. VA., W. VA., MD., AND PA. Chapter LVIII.

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to the artisans and clark to fill as long as the army remains where it is. The resistance to the closing up of this gap gas thus been increased, and will continue to increase from this cause.

I say nothing on the subject of the inconveniences, delays, and neglect of public business caused by the removal of the clarks, &c., because that has been considered by you and is well known. I wish to show that there has been, and is, no real military necessity for it. Nearly all of these men, except the artisans, are weak, delicate, or old. They have not stood back from the duty for which they enlisted, as is shown by the fact that most of them have been out since May last, from four to five months out of less than eight. Weakly at best, unseasoned to life in the trenches, they cannot fail to suffer severely in health and lief from a midwinter tour of duty there.

In the absence of that king of temporary and pressing emergency for which they wee organized, cannot order be given for this command to be withdrawn altogether? I have reason to believe that this is the opinion of General G. W. C. Lee, but that he is restrained from its expression by the consideration that he might be exposed to the imputation of diskling this service himself, when, in his case, the contrary is true.

I respectfully ask that the suggestions I have taken the liberty to make may be considered. I would not present them but from the conviction that they are worthy of it.

Most respectfully and truly, your obedient servant,

R. G. H. KEAN.

Organization of the Army of Northern Virginia, commanded by General R. E. Lee, January 31, 1865.


Lieutenant General JAMES LONGSTREET.


Major General GEORGE E. PICKETT.

Steuart's Brigade.

Brigadier General GEORGE H. STAURT.

9th Virginia, Colonel James J. Phillips.

14th Virginia, Colonel William White.

38th Virginia, Colonel George K. Griggs.

53rd Virginia, Colonel William R. Aylett.

57th Virginia, Colonel Clement R. Fontaine.

Hunton's Brigade.

Brigadier General EPPA HUNTON.

8th Virginia, Colonel Norborne Berkeley.

18th Virginia, Colonel Henry A. Carrington.

19th Virginia, Colonel Henry Gantt.

28th Virginia, Colonel William Watts.

56th Virginia, Colonel William E. Green.

Corse's Brigade.

Brigadier General MONTGOMERY D. CORSE.

15th Virginia, Colonel Thomas P. August.

17th Virginia, Colonel Arthur Herbert.

29th Virginia, Colonel James Giles.

30th Virginia, Colonel Robert S. Chew.

32nd Virginia, Colonel Edgar B. Montague.

Terry's Brigade.

Brigadier General WILLIAM R. TERRY.

1st Virginia, Colonel Frederick G. Skinner.

3rd Virginia, Colonel Joseph Mayo, jr.

7th Virginia, Colonel Charles C. Flowerree.

11th Virginia, Colonel Maurice S. Langhorne.

24th Virginia, Lieutenant Colonel Richard L. Maury.


*From monthly return of that date; actual commanders not always indicated on the original. For abstract of strength, see Part I, p. 385.

+One major-general and two brigadier-generals reported present for duty.