War of the Rebellion: Serial 096 Page 1140 N. AND SE. VA., N. C., W. VA., MD., AND PA. Chapter LVIII.

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General S. COOPER,

Adjutant and Inspector General, Richmond:

GENERAL: I have the honor to request a copy of the special order issued last spring assigning one regiment of the Western Virginia Cavalry to Lomax's and another to Chambliss' brigade. The execution of the order was suspended on account of the beginning of active operations, but General Early has recently directed its enforcement. It was intended that the regiment, in which there were some lowland companies, should go to Chambliss, and I am unable, without a copy of the order, to decide whether the assignment made by General Early conforms to this intention. The two regiments in question were the Eight and Fourteenth Virginia Cavalry.

Very respectfully, your obedient servant,

R. E. LEE,



Whereas, by act of March 7, 1862, the Nineteenth Regiment of Virginia Militia and First Regiment of Second-Class Militia have been organized to perform military duty in conformity to the terms and provisions of said act; and, whereas, the governor has found it necessary to call said regiments into the public service for purposes of local defense in and near the city of Richmond, in consequence of the presence of the public enemy and the imminent danger to the city arising therefrom; and whereas, the governor finds that the public defense will be best promoted, and the conveniences of said regiments be more fully consulted, by assigning them to the performance of guard duty of this city, thus relieving their regular soldiers therefrom and sending them to the front: and, whereas, the governor finds that he has no the time to devote himself to the proper administration of the said command; and, whereas, it is desirable that the expense of feeding, clothing, and paying said regiments should be made directly by the confederate Government: Therefore, it is agreed between the governor of called into service in conformity to the act aforesaid, shall be under the command of the officer commanding the post of Richmond for such guard or other duty in and around Richmond as the interests of the Confederate service may require; and the said troops shall receive for performing the said duty the same pay, rations, clothing, and equipments which are allowed troops serving in the Provisional Army of the Confederate States; and that said commandant of said force, under the direction of his proper superiors, shall have exclusive charge and control of the said regiments, in accordance with acts of Assembly in relation to them, except that all applications for discharge, made by the members thereof, shall be submitted by him to the governor of Virginia for decision.

The governor or the Secretary either may terminate this arrangement upon ten days' notice.


Governor of Virginia.