War of the Rebellion: Serial 096 Page 1118 N. AND SE. VA., N. C., W. VA., MD., AND PA. Chapter LVIII.

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His Excellency President DAVIS:

MY DEAR SIR: I apprehend that in my interview with you yesterday I omitted to state with sufficient distinctness one important reason for the recent movement of the Virginia delegation.

There has been some discussion among the members of Congress in relation to the propriety of declaring by resolution that the country wants confidence in the cabinet a na administration. If such a resolution should be offered, and it is, I assure you, by no means improbable, we are satisfied that it will pass the House of Representatives by a vote of at least three-fourth of the members present. It was to prevent so distinct an issue between the executive and the legislative branches of the Government, nd to save you from a position so unpleasant as that would necessarily be, that your friends of the Virginia delegation thought it proper, as your friends, to advise you to anticipate that movement.

We hear daily of a rapid change for the worse in the public sentiment of the country, not only in other States, but here in our loved and honored Virginia. I am deeply pained to make the announcement, but it is necessary now that we should all stand face to face [sic] which surround us. I feel, altogether sure that something must be done, and that promptly, to restore confidence and refire the hopes, or else we may look for the worst result.

Assuring you again of the kinder regards of those with whom and for whom I act,

I remain, very sincerely, yours,



Thomas S. Bocock about the advice volunteered to Executive by himself and others, and changing somewhat the position taken in conversation. It now is a warning, if not a threat.

J. D.

RICHMOND, VA., January 21, 1865.

General R. E. LEE, Petersburg, Va.:

If the circumstances permit I would be glad to have a personal interview with you.


HEADQUARTERS, January 21, 1865. (Received 12 o'clock.)

Honorable J. A. SEDDON:

General Bragg reports that a number of the enemy's gun-boats re in the Cape Fear from Fort Fisher down, but no attempt to ascend has been made. A heavy demonstration was made against our lines at Sugar Loaf on the 19th, which was easily repulsed.

R. E. LEE.