War of the Rebellion: Serial 096 Page 0902 N. AND SE. VA., W. VA., MD., AND PA. Chapter LVIII.

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be done without furnishing anything that will aid in the support of the rebellion. I told Mr. Singleton that if the proposition was made I would agree that all Southern products should be brought to any of the ports held by us, the Government receiving one-third, and the balance should be stored and protected for the benefit of the owner at the end of the war; that under no circumstances would I approve of supplies of any kind going in payment. I was not certain but I might consent to part payment being made in United States currency, but before doing so I would have to think of the matter. Judge Hughes has not been south of our lines, and, if my suspicions are correct, it is not his interest to be there. I do not judge him to be worse than other men, but all who engage in trade promising such large rewards, and when the time it is likely to remain open to them is so limited, work themselves up to believe that the small assistance they can give to the rebellion will not be felt. I will make an order suspending the operations of all trade permits southeast of the Alleghanies, and submit it. I will also notify General Singleton that no agreement made by him would be regarded as binding upon military authorities without the approval of the President is obtained.



CITY POINT, VA., March 9, 1865-10.30 a.m.

(Received 2 p.m.)


Secretary of the Navy:

Would it not be advisable to have gun-boats sent into York River, Mob Jack Bay, Piankatank Harbor, and the Rappahannock frequently to capture or destroy vessels running into those harbors for the purpose of supplying the enemy?



WASHINGTON, D. C., March 9, 1865-8.30 p.m.

Lieutenant-General GRANT:

Naval force along the Virginia shore of the Chesapeake will be increased. Is the James high enough to make an attempt to go up? We have a very large naval force released, and the sacrifice of some of them might open the way for others to get through.

G. V. FOX,

Assistant Secretary of the Navy.

CITY POINT, VA., March 9, 1865-12 midnight.

(Received 2.40 a.m. 10th)

Honorable G. V. FOX,

Assistant Secretary of the Navy, Washington:

The James is high enough for gun-boats to ascend. Except in co-operation with the army, however, I do not think any practical results could come from sending them up. If Admiral Porter comes down here, as I expect, in a few days, I will consult with him on the subject and let you know the conclusion.