War of the Rebellion: Serial 096 Page 0740 N. AND SE. VA., W.VA., MD., AND PA. Chapter LVIII.

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Second Brigade.

Colonel JAMES P. McIVOR.

155th New York, Captain Hugh Mooney.

164th New York, Lieutenant Colonel William De Lacy.

170th New York, Major Charles Hagan.

182nd New York (69th New York National Guard Artillery), Lieutenant Colonel John Coonan.

8th New York Heavy Artillery, Colonel Joel B. Baker.

Third Brigade.


14th Connecticut, Lieutenant Colonel Samuel A. Moore.

1st Delaware, Lieutenant Colonel Joseph C. Nicholls.

12th New Jersey, Major Henry F. Chew.

10th New York (six companies), Lieutenant Colonel George F. Hopper.

108th New York, Lieutenant Colonel Francis E. Pierce.

4th Ohio (four companies), Captain George C. Denniston.

69th Pennsylvania, Captain Charles McAnally.

106th Pennsylvania (three companies), Captain John H. Gallager.

7th West Virginia (four companies), Captain John C. Way.

Provost Guard.

2nd Company Minnesota Sharpshooters, Lieutenant Hamlet F. Richardson.


Bvt. Major General GERSHOM MOTT.*

First Brigade.

Brigadier General REGIS DE TROBRIAND.+

20th Indiana, Lieutenant Colonel Albert S. Andrews.

17th Maine, Captain Edward Moore.

40th New York, Lieutenant Colonel Madison M. Cannon.

73rd New York (seven companies), Lieutenant Colonel Michael W. Burns.

86th New York, Lieutenant Colonel Nathan H. Vincent.

124th New York, Lieutenant Colonel Charles H. Weygant.

99th Pennsylvania, Colonel Edwin R. Biles.

110th Pennsylvania, Major Isaac T. Hamilton.

1st Maine Heavy Artillery, Colonel Russell B. Shepherd.

Second Brigade.

Brigadier General BYRON R. PIERCE.

5th Michigan, Colonel John Pulford.

93rd New York (seven companies), Captain George Bushnell.

57th Pennsylvania, Captain Samuel Bryan.

105th Pennsylvania, Major James Miller.

141st Pennsylvania, Lieutenant Colonel Casper W. Tyler.

1st Massachusetts Heavy Artillery, Captain Frank Davis.

Third Brigade.

Bvt. Brigadier General ROBERT McALLISTER.

11th Massachusetts, Lieutenant Colonel Charles C. Rivers.

7th New Jersey, Colonel Francis Price.

8th New Jersey, Major Henry Hartford.

11th New Jersey, Lieutenant Colonel John Schoonover.

120th New York, Lieutenant Colonel Abram L. Lockwood.


* On leave from February 19; Brigadier General Regis de Trobriand temporarily commanding.

+ Absent commanding division; Bvt. Brigadier General George W. West, 17th Maine, temporarily commanding.