War of the Rebellion: Serial 096 Page 0485 Chapter LVIII. CORRESPONDENCE, ETC.-UNION.

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February 8, 1865.

Bvt. Major JOHN N. CRAIG,

Asst. Adjt. General, Artillery Hdqrs., Army of the Potomac:

MAJOR: I have the honor to report that the batteries of this command occupy the following positions on this date, viz:

Position. Battery.

Fort Fisher. C and I, 5th U. S. Artillery.

Do. C, 4th New York Artillery.

In reserve. do.

Fort Welch. 11th New York Battery.

Fort Gregg. M, 1st New Hampshire Artillery.

Fort Sampson. B, 1st New Jersey Artillery.

Fort Fisher. do.

Fort Cummings. B, 1st Rhode Island Artillery.

Attached to K, 4th do.

United States, for

this movement.

Ready to move. 10th Massachusetts Battery.

Do. 12th New York Battery.

Train guards. L, 4th New York Artillery.

Ninth Corps line. 3rd New Jersey Battery G, 1st New

York Artillery .

6th Maine Battery.

F, 1st Pennsylvania Artillery.

Position. Guns. Commanding officer.

Fort Fisher. Four light 12- Lieutenant W. B.

pounders. Beck.

Do. Four Coehorn Second Lieutenant

mortars. William S. Ball.

In reserve. Two Coehorn Do.


Fort Welch. Six 3-inch. First Lieutenant

George W. Davey.

Fort Gregg. Fourt 3-inch. Captain George K.


Fort Sampson. Four light 12- Captain A. J. Clark.


Fort Fisher. Two light 12- Do.


Fort Cummings. Four light 12- Second Lieutenant W.

pounders. B. Westcott.

Attached to K, 4th Two light 12- Second Lieutenant

United States, for pounder. Chace.

this movement.

Ready to move. Six 3-inch. First Lieutenant J.

W. Adams.

Do. Four light 12- Captain C. A. Clark.


Train guards. ... Lieutenant F.


Ninth Corps line. Sixth light 12- Bvt. Major C.

pounder. Woerner.


Captain S. A.

do. McClellan.

Six 3-inch. Captain W. H. Rogers.

Lieutenant J. F.


Bvt. Major J. H. Sleeper on leave of absence.

Respectfully submitted.


Brevet Lieutenant-Colonel, Commanding.


February 8, 1865-7.45 a. m.

Brevet Major-General WEBB,

Chief of Staff:

GENERAL: Genera Crawford, last evening at 6 o'clock, drove the enemy to near Dabney's Mill, though not getting quite so far as we did the preceding day. I sent two brigades of General Wheaton to support him and to prevent his being flanked, but they were not engaged. This close proximity kept up firing between the lines after dark. Upon being informed that I should withdraw General Wheaton to return to his camp, General Crawford reported that he though he would be unable to maintain himself in his position after I did so if the enemy should attack him in any force. I then directed him to withdraw to this side, which he did, along with General Wheaton's troops, by 3 a. m. The firing from the enemy's lines ceased about 1 a. m. The cavalry on the Vaughan road drove a small force of the enemy's cavalry across Gravelly Run, when they drew the fire of two pieces of artillery. General Crawford's casualties yesterday were about sixty; the cavalry none. The cavalry are being relieved, and will report to General Gregg as directed. I shall send out at once to have the picket-line selected from Hatcher's Run to the intersection of the Church and Halifax roads. I wish to be informed as soon as the enemy have established their picket-line from this last point to James River, so that I can relieve my old picket-line in front of my