War of the Rebellion: Serial 096 Page 0419 Chapter LVIII. CORRESPONDENCE, ETC.-UNION.

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tents, used for doors, had been taken away. Can see no smoke rising from most of the large camp 10 degrees west of north. The force reported last evening as taking position behind the works cannot be seen this morning. Six ambulances going to right on Cox road.


Signal Officer.

(Copy to Brevet Major-General Webb.)

HATCHER'S RUN, February 6, 1865.

Captain DAVIS:

The following has been received from top of Armstrong's house (white):

I notice no change since yesterday. A heavy picket-line through middle of open field to right of house. No new earth thrown up in any place. Very few, not twenty-five, of enemy in view behind heavy line of works. Everything is all quiet here now. Our territory the same as yesterday p.m. I will report again, unless something occurs sooner, at noon.


Signal Officer.


February 6, 1865-2.30 p.m.

Brevet Major-General WEBB,

Chief of Staff:

A force of the enemy's infantry has been moving from your left and are now halted at a point north 70 degrees west from tower and some distance in rear of their works. I did not see head of column, but there are three or four regiments in sight. The head of the column has appeared near Mrs. Hart's house, coming from left, and has halted. A train of thirteen box-cars passed toward Petersburg; could not see any troops on them. Forty ambulances have passed on the Cox road toward right.


TOWER SIGNAL STATION, February 6, 1865-3 p.m.

(Received 3.55 p.m.)

Captain C. L. DAVIS,

Chief Signal Officer:

The force of enemy reported at point north 70 degrees west from tower seems to be in a little ravine. They have built fires. The column which appeared to our left of Mrs. Hart's has started again toward our right. They were seven minutes in passing a point, well closed and marching fast. They are just in rear of their works; still moving. Camp smokes at Boisseau's have increased.


Signal Officer.

(Copy to Brevet Major-General Webb, headquarters Army of the Potomac).