War of the Rebellion: Serial 096 Page 0394 N. AND SE. VA., W. VA., MD., AND PA. [CHAP[. LVIII.

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HEADQUARTERS ARMY OF THE POTOMAC, February 5, 1865-4.10 p. m.

Captain DAVIS:

The station in front of Fort Howard reports about 100 cavalry passing west on Boydton plank road. All quiet in enemy's camps.


(Copy to Major-General Webb.)

FEBRUARY 5, 1865-4.45 p.m.

Captain C. L. DAVIS,

Signal Officer:

The following has just been received from Tower Station:

Infantry stragglers still going to left on Cox road. At 3.45 p. m. heard distant firing 40 degrees south of west. Heavy columns of smoke have been rising in direction southeast of south southeast, quite distant. A column of infantry just passed a point on Boydton road 35 degrees west of north, marching fast and in close order, taking thirteen minuted passing, going toward our left.


Signal Officer and Acting Adjutant.

(Copy to Major-General Webb.)

HEADQUARTERS ARMY OF THE POTOMAC, February 5, 1865-5.45 p. m.

Captain DAVIS,

Chief Signal Officer, Headquarters Army of the Potomac:

Lieutenant Lyon reports the enemy have heavy works across the open field beyond Armstrong's white house, with picket-line in front; two guns in view; very few of enemy in sight behind works, picket-line heavy. Cannonade, which just occurred, was form enemy and form this line of works beyond white house. Sergeant Judson reports seeing thirty houses with artillery harness on standing near high work to left of columbiad, but were not attached to pieces. No movement on the right during the day.


Lieutenant, &c.


Captain DAVIS:

The following troops have all passed toward our left: About 600 infantry left the camp near Mr. Hart's -about three regiments, four and one-half minutes passing; four regiments, eight and one-half minutes passing; four regiments, five minutes passing; a column, five minutes passing, followed by five ambulances, all on /Cox road. A light irregular column moved in rear of breast-works to left of Hart's house, and were twenty-two minutes passing. They were sometimes single and sometimes double file. A column, marching close and fast on the