War of the Rebellion: Serial 096 Page 0329 Chapter LVIII. CORRESPONDENCE, ETC.-UNION.

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Second Brigade.

Brigadier General HENRY BAXTER.

16th Maine, Colonel Charles W. Tilden.

39th Massachusetts, Lieutenant Colonel Henry M. Tremlett.

97th New York, Lieutenant Colonel John P. Spofford.

11th Pennsylvania, Major John B. Overmyer.

88th Pennsylvania, Lieutenant Colonel Benjamin F. Haines.

107th Pennsylvania, Colonel Thomas F. McCoy.

Third Brigade.

Bvt. Brigadier General J. WILLIAM HOFMAN.*

94th New York, Colonel Adrian R. Root.

95th New York, Lieutenant Colonel James Creney.

147th New York, Captain James Coey.

56th Pennsylvania, Major John T. Jack.

121st Pennsylvania, Major West Funk.

142nd Pennsylvania, Lieutenant Colonel Horatio N./ Warren.


Bvt. Brigadier General CHARLES S. WAINWRIGHT.

Massachusetts Light, 5th Battery (E), Lieutenant Harrison O. Simonds.

Massachusetts Light, 9th Battery, Captain Richard S. Milton.

1st New York Light, Battery B, Lieutenant Geroge H. Tallett.

1st New York Light, Battery C, Lieutenant George E. Ketchum.

1st New York Light, Battery D, Captain James B. Hazelton.

1st New York Light, Battery E, Captain Angell Matthewson.

1st New York Light, Battery H, Bvt. Major Charles E. Mink.

1st New York Light, Battery L, Bvt. Major George Breck.

1st Pennsylvania Light, Battery B, Lieutenant William McClelland.

4th United States, Battery B, Lieutenant John Mitchell.

5th United States, Batteries D and G, Bvt. Captain William E. Van Reed.


Major General HORATIO G. WRIGHT.+


21st Pennsylvania Cavalry, Company E, Captain William H, Boyd, jr.


Bvt. Major General FRANK WHEATON.

First Brigade.

Lieutenant Colonel EDWARD L. CAMPBELL.

3rd New Jersey (one company), Captain James H. Comings.

4rh New Jersey,++ Captain Baldwin Hufty.

10th New Jersey, Captain James W. McNeely.

15th New Jersey,# Captain Ebenzer W. Davis.

Second Brigade.

Brigadier General RANALD S. MACKENZIE. |

65th New York, Lieutenant Colonel Henry C. Fisk.

121st New York, Lieutenant Colonel Egbert Olcott.

95th Pennsylvania (six companies), Captain John A. Ward.

2nd Connecticut Heavy Artillery, Lieutenant Colonel Jeffrey Skinner.


*On leave from January 24; Bvt. Brigadier General Henry A. Morrow, 24th Michigan, temporarily commanding.

+On the from January 16; Bvt. Major General George W. Getty temporarily commanding.

++Three companies of the 1st and three of the 40th New Jersey attached.

#One company of the 2nd New Jersey attached.

|On leave from January 23; Colonel James Hubbard, 2nd Connecticut Heavy Artillery, temporarily commanding.