War of the Rebellion: Serial 096 Page 0216 N. AND SE. VA., N. C., W. VA., MD., AND PA. Chapter LVIII.

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the powder in the quill, with which the end of the cylinder is in close contact. The batteries for firing were magnetic, a few turns of the crank and with the black lead connection readily firing gunpowder in fine grains. The accidental cutting of four out of the six wires leading from the work was a piece of good fortune, which probably saved us from sever loss and demoralization.

Very respectfully,


Lieutenant-Colonel and Brevet Brigadier-General, Chief Engineer.


FORT FISHER, January 23, 1865.

Sketch of fuse for land torpedoes used at Fort Fisher.*

(Scale about 3\4.)

l l, strip of wood wedged into a by-wedge k, stiffening wire, and holding g and h by the twine fastenings m m, n n; h is quill containing priming; w w', small copper wires insulated by gutta-percha, passing through fuse (brass) plug a, b, c, d, to acorn of wood g, which they enter. To prevent moisture following wires into torpedo, they pass through a disc o o, and cylinders e, e fitting tightly. These cylinders and disc slip down the wire, the cylinders entering tightly hollow cylinders in d till the disc o o comes against the end of d, and there the ends of cylinders e e rest nicely against shoulders in d. Between the ends of the cylinders and the shoulders cotton yarn, greased, is placed, forming, when compressed, water-tight packing. Compression is obtained by the hollow screw f, which, passing over o o, screw upon d, and forces the cylinders e e home in d, compressing the cotton packing at their ends around the gutta-percha wire; a screw for entering torpedo; b, its shoulder; c, hexagon for monkey-wrench; screw for compressing nut f; o o, e e, compressor for packing; s, gutta-percha cylinder.


Lieutenant Colonel, Brevet Brigadier-General, and Chief Engineer.



January 23, 1865.

Major-General HANCOCK,

Commanding First Army Corps:

GENERAL: I am instructed by the major-general commanding to inform you that on January 24, a. m., about 1,200 troops (organized) will be sent to Camp Stoneman to be quartered temporarily, awaiting transportation. He requests that they be furnished such facilities as are necessary by the commanding officer of that camp.

I am, general, very respectfulyy, your most obedient servant,


Chief of Staff and Assistant Adjutant-General.


* See p. 217.