War of the Rebellion: Serial 096 Page 0195 Chapter LVIII. CORRESPONDENCE, ECT.- UNION.

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batteries on the river to keep a sharp lookout for them and to be well prepared. Should the enemy attempt the enterprise he may be expected at any moment.


Brigadier-General and Chief of Staff.


Fort Magruger, Va., January 21, 1865.

Major General EDWARD O. C. ORD,

Commanding Department of Va. and N. C., Fortress Monroe, Va.:

GENERAL: In compliance with Special Orders, No.-, headquarters Department of Virginia and North Carolina, I have the honor to state the location and description of this for and Redoubts Numbers 5 and 6, as also the number, kind, and caliber of ordnance and ammunition.

Fort Magruger is situated about one mile and a half from the village of Williamsburg, west by south of it, and is oblong in shape, with bastions in the west, south, and east sides, inclosed on the north, west, south, and part of east side, with abatis, ditch about fifteen feet wide and twelve feet deep, sally-port on the north side, with draw-bridge. There are seven magazines, one of them lately built. The fort is manned by 400 men, and mounts the following guns, for which I subjoin list of ammunition: Two 20-pounder Parrott guuns, in fine order - rounds fuse-shell, 251; rounds spherical-case, 40; rounds case-shot, fixed, 168; rounds blank cartridges, 287. One 3-inch Parrott gun, in good order - rounds fuse-shell, 50; rounds case-shot, fixed, 100; rounds blank cartridges, 27. Four 12-pounder brass howitzers, in go order - rounds fuse-shell, 2; rounds spherical-case, 200; rounds shell, fixed, 354; rounds canister, fixed, 200; rounds solid shot, 123. One 8-inch howitzer, in poor condition - rounds grape, 2; rounds canister, 46; rounds shell, strapped, 30; rounds blank cartridges, 184. One 24-pounder howitzer, in poor condition - rounds canister, fixed, 30; rounds shell, strapped, 92; rounds case-shot, 48; rounds canister, 69; rounds solid shot, 20; rounds strapped shot, 40; rounds blank cartridges, 183. Four 42-pounder carronades, in poor order - rounds canister, 209; rounds grape, 378; rounds solid shot, 129; rounds shot, fixed and strapped, 50; rounds strapped shell, 101; rounds blank cartridges, 787. Two 12-pounder iron guns, old pattern, in poor condition - rounds canister, 32; rounds canister, fixed, 104; rounds carcasses, 18; rounds spherical-case, 226; rounds shell, fished, 121; rounds solid shot, foxed, 224; rounds blank cartridges, 30. One 8-inch mortar, no ammunition. Three Nugent's repeating rifles, useless - rounds ammunition, 2,044.

Redoubt Numbers 5 is situated about a quarter of a mile from Fort Magruger, and west of it. This redoubt is square, containing about 22,500 square feet, and occupied by 200 men, and surrounded on all sides by a wide ditch and abatis; sally-port on east side, with gates. It mounts two guns: One 12-pounder iron gun, old pattern, in poor condition - rounds shell, fixed, 144; rounds spherical-case, 160; rounds shell, fixed, 120; rounds canister, foxed, 87; rounds shot, foxed, 8. One 6-pounder iron gun, old pattern, in poor condition - rounds solid shot, 42; rounds canister, 20; rounds shell, fixed, 12; rounds spherical-case, 43; rounds shot, fixed, 12.

Redoubt Numbers 6 is about one-quarter of a mile from redoubt Numbers 5 and half a mile west of Fort Magruger, and is about the same size as Numbers 5, manned by the same number of men (200), surrounded by a wide