War of the Rebellion: Serial 095 Page 0689 Chapter LVIII. THE APPOMATTOX CAMPAIGN.

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It appears to be clear that our men drove the enemy form the first redoubt, captured it, and pushed on the second; and after they had reached the second redoubt some of the men of the Twenty-fourth Corps entered the first redoubt. First Lieutenant Young, Eighth New York Heavy Artillery, states that he was the first officer in the redoubt. As his company advanced they were fired upon by musketry and one discharge of artillery. He saw the enemy's pickets run in, and the enemy in the redoubts waived white handkerchiefs and paper in token a surrender before his company reached the redoubt. On reaching the redoubt he found about forty rebels, whom he sent to the rear. They told him that if he pushed on he could capture more prisoners in the second redoubt. He pushed on with his men. He saw none of the Twenty-fourth Corps across the stream (on the west side) at the time the attack was made. Had they crossed and attacked he could have plainly seen them. After the second redoubt was taken he saw some of the Twenty-fourth Corps cross the stream and enter the works on the right of the second redoubt. After both redoubts were taken Lieutenant Young saw a mounted officer of the Twenty-fourth Corps near the redoubt with a rebel flag. There was no flag visible in either redoubt with a rebel flag. There was no flag visible in either redoubt when Lieutenant Young entered them, but as he approached the first redoubt a color was visible on the parapet. Captain Heggart, Sixty-ninth New York National Guard Artillery (Second Brigade, Second Division), states that when he entered the first redoubt one of his men picked up a bag, which he (Heggart) ordered him to throw down, as he wanted the men to push on. Captain Heggart states that the man threw down the bag, and that the flag was found in it by the officer of the Twenty-fourth Corps above mentioned.

It is proper to state that there is a dispute between the First and Second Brigades of this division as to which entered the redoubt first, but this is not material to the present inquiry, and I do not attempt to decide that question. Captain Summerhayes, of this staff, states that he advanced in rear of the skirmish line of the Second Brigade of this division; when he got to the first redoubt our men were in it, but none of the Twenty-fourth Corps. Our men were fired on with musketry and one discharge of artillery as they advanced. Captain Summerhayes pushed on to the second redoubt, and when he returned to the first, some time afterward, he, for the first time, saw some men of the Twenty-fourth Corps.

I have the honor to be, general, very respectfully, your obedient servant,


Brevet Major-General, Commanding Division.

Numbers 22. Report of Surg. Charles Page, U. S. Army, Medical Director.


SIR: I have to submit the following report of the operations of the medical department during the campaign beginning on the 29th of March and ending April 10, 1865:

Before the campaign opened circular from your office warned the surgeons-in-chief of brigades to lay in a full supply of the articles most