War of the Rebellion: Serial 095 Page 0681 Chapter LVIII. THE APPOMATTOX CAMPAIGN.

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About 10 p. m. I received orders to report to Major-General Sheridan. A pontoon train was sent at the same time.

During the morning of the 3rd instant I received orders to move out the River road, following the Fifth corps,a nd to leave the pontoon train at Sutherland's Station with the cavalry trains, under the guard of one of my brigades. A brigade of the Second Division was detailed for this purpose. By some singular misapprehension of orders the Second Division had moved back toward Petersburg early in the morning without my knowledge. Staff officers were sent to find and bring it up to the command. While on the River road the route was changed to the Namozine road. General Mott rejoined me at the Namozine fork. A bridge was built by the Second Corps over Namozine Creek, adjoingning the bridge of the Fifth Corps, which proved of great assistance to the troops following. The corps encamped for the night near Winticomack Creek, close to the Fifth Corps, the Second Division about three miles in the rear, near Namozine Church. Toward sunset I received a communication from Major-General Webb, chief of staff, informing me that, under instructions from the lieutenant-general, Major-General Meade resumed command of the Second Corps, and directed me to report my position and condition of supplies. IN reporting my place of halt for the night to Major-General Sheridan I informed him of the receipt of this communication. In reply I was informed that General Sheridan had received no instructions from the lieutenant-general in regard to my corps,s but that he should consider it under Major-General Meade's orders. It was added for my information that a force of the enemy was in position that evening on the other side of Deep Creek, and a large wagon train of theirs parked there; that General Sheridan would move early the next morning, with the cavalry and Fifth corps, upon the direct road to the Richmond and Danville road,

*MacDougall succeeded Madill in command of the Third Brigade after the latter was wounded.