War of the Rebellion: Serial 095 Page 0677 Chapter LVIII. THE APPOMATTOX CAMPAIGN.

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reported back to Major-General Gibbon during the afternoon, and crossed to the north bank of Hatcher's Run, its left connecting with the right of Hays.

By daylight of the 31st I had, in accordance with orders from the headquarters of the army, occupied the position of the Fifth Corps along the Boydton plank and Quaker roads, with Miles' division, and had rearranged Mott's and Hays' divisions. Owing to the condition of the roads and country no further operations were called for during the day. But between 11 and 12 a. m. Crawford's and Ayere's divisions, of the Fifth Corps (the former on he white Oak road and the latter in supporting distance), became engaged with the enemy. Being informed by a staff officer form Major-General Warren that they were being pressed back and needed support, I ordered General Miles to throw forward two of his brigades and attack the enemy, and subsequently to follow it up with his whole division, at the same time extending Mott's left to maintain the connection and give support. This order was complied with in the promptness and most spirited manner. The brigades of General Madill and General Ramsey, supported by that of Colonel Nugnet, advanced rapidly to the attack, struck the enemy in flank and drove him back into his entrenchments, with severe loss killed and wounded and one flag and many prisoners, and occupied the White Oak road. The enemy's entrenchments here occupied a strong position on the crest of a long slope, with wide slashingss in front and abatis covering the ditch, with artillery at short intervals. De Trobriand's brigade, of Mott's division, was put in position to strengthen Miles, and subsequently McAllister's brigade was extended to the left to perfect the connection. During the day General Mott made an attempt to carry the redoubts and entrenchments covering the Boydton road crossing, but without success. General Hays likewise attempted to carry the Crow-house redoubt, but was prevented by the heavy slashing, which was impossible for any large number of troops. Our line being too much extended, Miles' left was contracted, drawing in from the White Oak road. The advance line thus occupied was slightly entrenched, artillery put in position in it, &c. The remaining batteries of the corps were brought up during the day.

Our loss during the day's operations was:

Kill Kill Woun Woun Missi Missin

-ed. -ed. - ded. ng. g.


Men. Offi Men. Offic Men.

Offi cers ers.

cers .


Firs 5 40 12 233 41

t .....



Seco ... ... 2 13 .... 1




Thir ... 6 1 58 2 42




Arti ... ... ... 4 ... ....





I regret to report the loss of that distinguished young officer, Major Charles J. Mill, of the adjutant-general's department, who was killed by a cannon shot while serving with me.

During the night orders were received to withdraw to the line occupied in the morning, General Warren having been directed to join Major-General Sheridan is the direction of the Five Forks. This order was carried into effect before daylight of the 1st of April.

During the day (1st of April) close examinations were made with a view to the assault of the Crow-house redoubt. The batteries of the Twenty-