War of the Rebellion: Serial 095 Page 0598 N. AND SE. VA., N. C., W. VA., MD., AND PA. Chapter LVIII.

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Return of casualties in the Union Forces, &c.-Continued.



Captain Uriah N. Parmelee, 1st Cavalry.

Captain Brainerd Smith, 10th Infantry.


Lieutenant Lorenzo D. Wilson, 3rd Infantry.

Captain William H. Maclary, 4th Infantry.

Lieutenant Alphens Wilson, 4th Infantry.


Lieutenant William M. Lamb, 39th Infantry.


Captain John A. Heald, 1st Cavalry.

Lieutenant Leander M. Comins, 1st Cavalry.

Lieutenant James E. Stayner, 1st Cavalry.

Lieutenant Alvin A. Messer, 1st Veteran Infantry.

Lieutenant Jerome B. Ireland, 11th Infantry.

Lieutenant Schollay G. Usher, 17th Infantry.


Captain Thomas Ocker, 6th Infantry.

Lieutenant Samuel W. Angel, 6th Infantry.


Lieutenant Lewis Munger, 2nd Cavalry.

Colonel Francis Washburn, 4th Cavalry.

Captain John D. B. Goddard, 4th Cavalry.

Captain William T. Hodges, 4th Cavalry.

Lieutenant George F. Davis, 4th Cavalry.

Captain Isaac H. Boyd, 19th Infantry.

Captain Willard C. Kinsley, 39th Infantry.

Captain Ansel B. Randall, 56th Infantry.

Lieutenant Thomas B. Hart, 61st Infantry.


Lieutenant George C. Whitney, 1st Cavalry.

Lieutenant Solon H. Finney, 6th Cavalry.

Lieutenant Stephen Patterson, 7th Infantry.

Lieutenant Henry B. Burritt, 8th Infantry.


Captain William Collins, 5th Infantry.

Lieutenant Warren Ryder, 5th Infantry.

Major William I. Brown, 18th Infantry.


Colonel Hugh H. Janeway, 1st Cavalry.

Major James H. Hart, 1st Cavalry.

Lieutenant John S. Hough, 3rd Cavalry.

Lieutenant Lewis M. Thompson, 1st Veteran Battalion Infantry.

Lieutenant William S. Ackley, 4th Infantry.

Lieutenant Wellington Bird, 8th Infantry.

Captain Gustavus Dupnis, 39th Infantry.

Captain George W. Harrison, 39th Infantry.

Lieutenant Joseph W. Nason, 39th Infantry.


Captain Edwin F. Savacool, 1st Cavalry.

Lieutenant Joseph Walter, 1st Cavalry.

Major Joseph O'Keefe, 2nd Cavalry.

Captain Asa L. Goodrich, 8th Cavalry.

Lieutenant Colonel Augustus I. Root, 15th Cavalry.

Lieutenant Colonel Melzer Richards, 24th Cavalry.

Major James E. Doran, 24th Cavalry.

Lieutenant Charles P. Williams, 24th Cavalry.

Captain Eli Morse, 2nd Mounted Rifles.

Lieutenant Peter Pichler, 2nd Heavy Artillery.

Lieutenant Charles H. Burghardt, 4th Heavy Artillery.

Captain Thomas Low, 8th Heavy Artillery.

Major Emil Duysing, 15th Heavy Artillery.

Bvt. Brigadier General Frederick Winthrop, 5th Veteran Infantry.

Captain Joseph Turkington, 5th Veteran Infantry.

Lieutenant Erich Bartels, 7th Infantry.

Lieutenant Hermann Elmeier, 7th Infantry.

Lieutenant Colonel Erastus D. Holt, 49th Infantry.

Lieutenant John Burke, 52nd Infantry.

Lieutenant Max Klingenberg, 52nd Infantry.

Lieutenant Paul Schreiber, 52nd Infantry.

Lieutenant William Malcolm, 61st Infantry.

Captain Edward B. Carroll, 63rd Infantry.

Captain Henry H. Dardy, 64th Infantry.

Lieutenant William Byron, 65th Infantry.

Major Frank W. Tremain, 89th Infantry.

Lieutenant Charles H. Danford, 93rd Infantry.

Major Henry H. Fish, 94th Infantry.

Captain George French, 94th Infantry.

Major James H. Dandy, 100th Infantry.

Lieutenant Silas W. Belding, 111th Infantry.

Captain Ten Eyck C. Howland, 121st Infantry.

Lieutenant John T. Morton, 121st Infantry.

Captain Edward J. Cormick, 124th Infantry.

Captain John Quay, 125th Infantry.

Captain Thomas A. Wilson, 146th Infantry.

Lieutenant Caleb G. Jackson, 148th Infantry.

Lieutenant Edward Reilly, 158th Infantry.

Lieutenant Colonel Franklin B. Doty, 179th Infantry.

Leut. Ephraim F. Bander, 185th Infantry.

Lieutenant Hiram Clark, 185th Infantry.

Lieutenant Daniel Minier, 185th Infantry.

Lieutenant William Meehan, 188th Infantry.