War of the Rebellion: Serial 095 Page 0560 N. AND SE. VA., N. C., W. VA., MD., AND PA. Chapter LVIII.

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Numbers 94.-Bvt. Brigadier General James Gwyn, One hundred and eighteenth Pennsylvania Infantry, commanding Third Brigade.

Numbers 95.-Bvt. Colonel Joseph B. Pattee, One hundred and ninetieth Pennsylvania Infantry, commanding One hundred and fifty-seventh, One hundred and ninetieth, and One hundred and ninety-first Pennsylvania Infantry.

Numbers 96.-Lieutenant Colonel Edward L. Witman, Two hundred and tenth Pennsylvania Infantry.

Numbers 97.-Bvt. Major General Samuel W. Crawford, U. S. Army, commanding Third Division.

Numbers 98.-Colonel John A. Kellogg, Sixth Wisconsin Infantry, commanding First Brigade.

Numbers 99.-Colonel Jonathan Tarbell, Ninety-first New York Infantry.

Numbers 100.-Brigadier General Henry Baxter, U. S. Army, commanding Second Brigade.

Numbers 101.-Lieutenant Colonel Rouse S. Egelston, Ninety-seventh New York Infantry.

Numbers 102.-Colonel Thomas F. McCoy, One hundred and seventh Pennsylvania Infantry.

Numbers 103.-Bvt. Brigadier General Richard Coulter, Eleventh Pennsylvania Infantry, commanding Third Brigade.

Numbers 104.-Bvt. Brigadier General Charles S. Wainwright, First New York Light Artillery, commanding Artillery Brigade.

Numbers 105.-Major General Horatio G. Wright, U. S. Army, commanding Sixth Army Corps.

Numbers 106.-Bvt. Major General Frank Wheaton, U. S. Army, commanding First Division.

Numbers 107.-Bvt. Brigadier General William H. Penrose, Fifteenth New Jersey Infantry, commanding First Brigade.

Numbers 108.-Lieutenant Colonel Baldwin Hufty, Fourth New Jersey Infantry.

Numbers 109.-Bvt. Brigadier General Joseph E. Hamblin, Sixty-fifth New York Infantry, commanding Second Brigade.

Numbers 110.-Lieutenant Colonel Henry C. Fisk, Sixty-fifth New York Infantry.

Numbers 111.-Bvt. Colonel Egbert Olcott, One hundred and twenty-first New York Infantry.

Numbers 112.-Lieutenant Colonel John Harper, Ninety-fifth Pennsylvania Infantry.

Numbers 113.-Captain James T. Stuart, Forty-ninth Pennsylvania Infantry, commanding Sharpshooters.

Numbers 114.-Colonel Oliver Edwards, Thirty-seventh Massachusetts Infantry, commanding Third Brigade.

Numbers 115.-Captain Archibald Hopkins, Thirty-seventh Massachusetts Infantry.

Numbers 116.-Bvt. Colonel Baynton J. Hickman, Forty-ninth Pennsylvania Infantry.

Numbers 117.-Colonel Isaac C. Bassett, Eighty-second Pennsylvania Infantry.

Numbers 118.-Major William C. Gray, One hundred and nineteenth Pennsylvania Infantry.

Numbers 119.-Lieutenant Colonel Elisha H. Rhodes, Second Rhode Island Infantry.

Numbers 120.-Colonel Thomas S. Allen, Fifth Wisconsin Infantry.

Numbers 121.-Bvt. Major General George W. Getty, U. S. Army, commanding Second Division.

Numbers 122.-Lieutenant Colonel Charles A. Milliken, Forty-third New York Infantry, Division Officer of the Day.

Numbers 123.-Bvt. Brigadier General James M. Warner, First Vermont Heavy Artillery, commanding First Brigade.

Numbers 124.-Captain B. Frank Hean, Ninety-third Pennsylvania Infantry.

Numbers 125.-Captain Bernhard Gessler, Ninety-eighth Pennsylvania Infantry.

Numbers 126.-Major James McGregor, One hundred and thirty-ninth Pennsylvania Infantry.

Numbers 127.-Bvt. Major General Lewis A. Grant, U. S. Army, commanding Second Brigade.

Numbers 128.-Lieutenant Colonel Ronald A. Kennedy, Fifth Vermont Infantry.

Numbers 129.-Colonel Thomas W. Hyde, First Maine Veteran Infantry, commanding Third Brigade.

Numbers 130.-Captain Augustus Merrill, Company B, First Maine Veteran Infantry.

Numbers 131.-Brigadier General Truman Seymour, U. S. Army, commanding Third Division.

Numbers 132.-Colonel William S. Truex, Fourteenth New Jersey Infantry, commanding First Brigade.