War of the Rebellion: Serial 095 Page 0558 N. AND SE. VA., N. C., W. VA., MD., AND PA. Chapter LVIII.

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Numbers 10.-Bvt. Brigadier General George N. Macy, Twentieth Massachusetts Infantry, commanding Provost Guard.

Numbers 11.-Captain Richard G. Lay, Third U. S. Infantry, commanding Headquarters Guard.

Numbers 12.-Brigadier General Henry W. Benham, U. S. Army, commanding Engineer Brigade.

Numbers 13.-Bvt. Colonel Ira Spaulding, Fiftieth New York Engineers.

Numbers 14.-Bvt. Major Franklin Harwood, U. S. Army, commanding Battalion U. S. Engineers.

Numbers 15.-Bvt. Major William H. Paine, Aide-de-Camp.

Numbers 16.-Bvt. Captain Charles W. Howell, U. S. Corps of Engineers.

Numbers 17.-Lieutenant Charles B. Phillips, U. S. Corps of Engineers.

Numbers 18.-Bvt. Major General Henry J. Hunt, U. S. Army, Chief of Artillery.

Numbers 19.-Bvt. Brigadier General Henry L. Abbot, First Connecticut Heavy Artillery, commanding Siege Train, of operations April 1-May 31.

Numbers 20.-Lieutenant William H. Rogers, commanding detachment First Connecticut Heavy Artillery.

Numbers 21.-Major General Andrew A. Humphreys, U. S. Army, commanding Second Army Corps.

Numbers 22.-Surg. Charles Page, U. S. Army, Medical Director.

Numbers 23.-Asst. Surg. Charles Smart, U. S. Army, Medical Inspector, of operations March 1-April 30.

Numbers 24.-Captain John G. Pelton, Fourteenth Connecticut Infantry, Chief of Ambulances.

Numbers 25.-Bvt. Major General Nelson A. Miles, U. S. Army, commanding First Division.

Numbers 26.-Colonel George W. Scott, Sixty-first New York Infantry, commanding First Brigade.

Numbers 27.-Captain Lucius H. Ives, Twenty-sixth Michigan Infantry.

Numbers 28.-Lieutenant Colonel Welcome A. Crafts, Fifth New Hampshire Infantry.

Numbers 29.-Captain Francis R. Humphreys, Second New York Heavy Artillery.

Numbers 30.-Major George W. Schaffer, Sixty-first New York Infantry.

Numbers 31.-Captain William A. F. Stockton, One hundred and fortieth Pennsylvania Infantry.

Numbers 32.-Colonel Robert Nugent, Sixty-ninth New York Infantry, commanding Second Brigade.

Numbers 33.-Captain Patrick H. Bird, Twenty-eighth Massachusetts Infantry.

Numbers 34.-Captain William H. Terwilliger, Sixty-third New York Infantry.

Numbers 35.-Lieutenant Colonel James J. Smith, Sixty-ninth New York Infantry.

Numbers 36.-Lieutenant Colonel Denis F. Burke, Eighty-eighth New York Infantry.

Numbers 37.-Major Seward F. Gould, Fourth New York Heavy Artillery.

Numbers 38.-Bvt. Brigadier General Clinton D. MacDougall, One hundred and eleventh New York Infantry, commanding Third Brigade.

Numbers 39.-Lieutenant Colonel Anthony Pokorny, Seventh New York Infantry.

Numbers 40.-Major John McE. Hyde, Thirty-ninth New York Infantry.

Numbers 41.-Lieutenant Colonel Henry M. Karples, Fifty-second New York Infantry.

Numbers 42.-Lieutenant Colonel Lewis W. Husk, One hundred and eleventh New York Infantry.

Numbers 43.-Lieutenant Colonel Joseph Hyde, One hundred and twenty-fifth New York Infantry.

Numbers 44.-Captain I. Hart Wilder, One hundred and twenty-sixth New York Infantry.

Numbers 45.-Bvt. Brigadier General John Ramsey, Eighth New Jersey Infantry, commanding Fourth Brigade.

Numbers 46.-Lieutenant Colonel William Glenny, Sixty-fourth New York Infantry.

Numbers 47.-Captain Nathaniel P. Lane, Sixty-sixth New York Infantry.

Numbers 48.-Colonel William M. Mintzer, Fifty-third Pennsylvania Infantry.

Numbers 49.-Captain John R. Weltner, One hundred and sixteenth Pennsylvania Infantry.

Numbers 50.-Captain James H. Hamlin, One hundred and forty-fifth Pennsylvania Infantry.

Numbers 51.-Captain John F. Sutton, One hundred and forty-eighth Pennsylvania Infantry.