War of the Rebellion: Serial 095 Page 0515 Chapter LVIII. EXPEDITION TO PETERSBURG, VA.

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Wednesday, February 22.-Worked at map of Winchester. O[ltmanns] copying Fauquier,and W[ilsn[at Western Virginia. R[obinson] copied cavalry fight at Milford. The Churchville cavalry started for Petersburg. The day was quite pleasant. It began to rain about 4 p. m., and rained very hard. * * *

Thursday, February 23.-Engaged as on the 22nd. I looked over the reports of the battle of Belle Grove at night. it rained and misted all day; foggy in the p. m. Very muddy.

Friday, February 24.-I put positions on battle of Cedar Creek from the reports; then worked at Winchester, Numbers 3 O[ltmanns] copying Yankee survey, R[obinson] battle maps, and W[ilson] at Western Virginia. Major-Generals Kelley and Crook were brought here by McNeill's men, boldly captured from their beds at Cumberland last Tuesday morning, from the very midst of an army of 5,000 men. Cloudy, but temperate.

Saturday, February 25.-Finished map of battle of Winchester and corrected map of part of Eastern Virginia. Copied from United States surveys for Engineer Bureau. O[ltmanns] reducing Fairfax Country; R[obinson] copying Spotsylvania battles, and W[ilson] at Western Virginia. It rained quite hard a good deal of the day and was very muddy. I went home late in the p. m. The enemy his reported preparing to advance.

Sunday, February 26.- * * * It was quite warm and the snow melted rapidly, raising the streams, which got very high. It rained very hard during the night. * * * The railroad bridge over Christian's Crek washed away.

Monday, February 27.-I cam back to Saunton, via West View, the river being too high to ford. It was very muddy. A fine day. I looked over some maps for bureau; others engaged as on Saturday. There was meeting of citizens at the court-house, addressed by J. R. Tucker, A. H. H. Stuart, and others, and a large subscription of supplies and money for the Government was made up. Enthusiastic meeting.

Tuesday, February 28.-We worked awhile, when orders came to pack up, as the enemy is advancing. Came to Mount Jackson last night. Said to be Hancock, with 20,000 men. So we packed up and spent the day on the streets. Much excitement in Stauntion, moving stores, &c. Late at night enemy reported near Harrisonburg. A pleasant day. * * * Major B. H. Green came back from a yankee prison day before yesterday, and is with us now. Colonel Smith was at the railroad bridge and finished it to-day. Sent off maps of Eastern Virginia to Engineer Bureau.

Wednesday, March 1.-Orders were issued yesterday for breakfast at daylight and be ready to move at sunrise, but it was nearly noon before our baggage all got of, and the last rain did not leave until 4.30 p. m. The general and staff left at 3.45 p. m. Everything was removed from Staunton. The enemy came on from Harrisonburg rapidly, driving the squad of cavalry that we had before them, and capturing many refugee wagons, &c. The enemy across Middle River, and encamped. Their advance at the Poague farm. Some of their pickets came into Staunton in the night, it was reported. We went to Waynesborough. Sent our wagons across the river. (My servant, William, got drunk in Staunton and got out of the way, and I left Staunton without him and did not know of his whereabouts until I got to W[aynesborough], so I rode back in the night, very dark and mud very deep, to John Hamilton's, and got my servant and horse, and came back about