War of the Rebellion: Serial 095 Page 0513 Chapter LVIII. EXPEDITION TO PETERSBURG, VA.

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Tuesday, January 24.-Made maps for actions at Hedgesville, Martinsburg, and Hanover Junction. R[obinson] copying Spotsylvania, O[ltmanns] York, W[ilson] Western Virginia. * * * It froze nearly all day and was quite cold.

Wednesday, January 25.-Corrected map of Western Virginia, office copy. R[obinson] finished battles of Spotsylvania for General Ewell; W[ilson] finished Western Virginia for General Lomax, and O[ltmanns] at York. Quite cool and bracing. Wrote to Nelson and General Lawton. Finished report at night.

Thursday, January 26.-Made map of routes of Second Corps in May for General Ewell. W[ilson] began second copy of Western Virginia. O[ltmanns] at York; R[obinson] copied battles of Wilderness. * * * Intensely cold. Froze very hard. Cold wind.

Friday, January 27.-Finished route maps and began Hagerstown; W[ilson] at Western Virginia, O[ltmanns] at York; R[obinson] copying actions at Liberty Mills and Gordonsville. Rosser came and gave details of Beverly affair at night, and got from Munford actions of his brigade during campaign. Day very raw and cold. Dined with General Early.

Saturday, January 28.-I made map of Rosser's Beverly affair and the route to the same. R[obinson] copied ----, W[ilson] at Western Virginia, O[ltmanns] at York. A very cold and windy day. I went home in the p. m.

Sunday, January 29.- * * * Mild and pleasant.

Monday, January 30.-Attended trial of Colonel Munford and gave evidence. Finished route map to Beverly and made map of action at Milford at night. Very cold and frosty morning, but the day was very pleasant. * * * Much agitation about peace.

Tuesday, January 31.-Finished map of action at Milford and made map of position of army the 1st day of February, 1865. O[ltmanns] to well; finished York. W[ilson] finished Western Virginia. R[obinson] copying maps for Colonel Smith. A very fine day; warm; thawed; the ice has been ten inches thick. General Wharton spent night with me.

Wednesday, February 1.-Completed map showing the present position, &c., of the army, and made map of McCausland's expedition to Chambersburg. At night made map of action at Guard Hill. O[ltmanns] finished York County; W[ilson] copying King George; R[obinson] copying maps for Colonel Smith's report for January. Colonel Carter came up to say good-bye. He and two battalion of artillery go to Richmond to-morrow. A fine, warm day. * * *

Thursday, February 2.-Reduced map of Tygart's Valley; O[ltmanns] reducing Cumberland County, Pa.; W[ilson] at King George; R[obinson] copying for Colonel Smith. Fine day, somewhat cool.

Friday, February 3.-Reduced Tugart's Valley. At night wrote twelve pages of report to chief engineer, Army of Northern Virginia, of operations of the Army of the Valley, 1864. Some rain.

Saturday, February 4.-I went home in the p. m. Very mild and pleasant; thawed most of the day. Wrote six pages of report at night. * * *

Sunday, February 5,-* * * The wind was quite high last night and it froze hard; it was quite cool to-day.

Monday, February 6.-Returned to Staunton quite early and made route map. We heard of the return of the so-called "Peace Commissioner,"