War of the Rebellion: Serial 095 Page 0512 N. AND SE.VA., N.C., W.VA., MD., AND PA. Chapter LVIII.

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attacked and captured the garrison at Beverly this morning before day, and took 585 prisoners of the Eighth [Ohio Cavalry] and Thirty-fourth Ohio Volunteer Infantry. Attacked with 300 men. Colonel Cook lost his leg (commanding Payne's brigade). Snow from six to eighteen inches deep on Cheast and Alleghany.

Thursday, January 12.-Finished map of battle at Hanging Rock, and W[ilson] began copy of map of Western Virginia for Rosser. Colonel Smith went to Lexington. Quite cold.

Friday, January 13.-All engaged as usual. Cool day.

Saturday, January 14.-Worked at battles of Wilderness. W[ilson] copying Western Virginia. O[ltmanns] at reduction. R[obinson] copying Hanging Rock. * * * Little snow in the a. m. Air quite bracing. Rosser at Greenbrier bridge.

Sunday, January 15.-* * * A fine day. quite mild. Robins singing. * * *

Monday, January 16.-Came to camp early in the morning and worked at Wilderness battles. R[obinson] copying Hanging Rock. O[ltmanns] and W[ilson] at same as before. Major Gilmor came to see the general at night. He is now in command in Hardy County. General Early seems to think we have hard times ahead of us, the supply of grain is so small.

Tuesday, January 17.-Finished Wilderness map and bean one of Spotsylvania battles. O[ltmanns] reducing Admas County. W[ilson] finished map of part of Western Virginia for General Rosser and began map of part of Pennsylvania for Major Gilmor. R[obinson] finishing map of Hanging Rock, tracing part of Spotsylvania, &c. * * * Day bracing; furriers of snow. Rosser himself reported.

Wednesday, January 18.-Worked at Spotsylvania, &c. O[ltmanns] finished Admas and began York. W[ilson] at Pennsylvania. R[obinson] helped Colonel Smith to make his property returns. I sent to bureau, &c., for maps last night. Echol's brigade going to Dublin Depot. McCusland's brigade came to Fisherville, and he to headquarters on way to Alleghany and Greenbrier; the Fourteenth to go to Weldon. Cold day; air chilly. Wrote to Rosser at night and inclosed map.

Thursday, January 19.-All engage as yesterday, except R[obinson[, who began copy of Wilderness battle. The cavalry of Lomax's division is on its way westward to subsist. McCausland was here at night, and gave me details of the campaign in regard to his brigade. A fine, bracing day.

Friday, January 20.-W[ilson] finished map of part of Pennsylvania, R[obinson] also copy of Wilderness, O[ltmanns] at York, I at Spotsylvania. Jackson's cavalry went through westward. Fine, bracing day. * * *

Saturday, January 21.-I finished Spotsylvania and began Lomax's Gordonsville fight. R[obinson] finished map of first day in Wilderness; O[ltmanns] at york; W[ilson] map of Western Virginia for Lomax. It sleeted and force all day; cold; trees loaded with ice. I went home in p. m.

Sunday, January 22.- * * * It misted some, but thawed most of the day; very muddy. Enemy captured picket at Edengubrg, which was retaken.

Monday, January 23.-Returned to Stauton early. Worked at Gordonsville and Liberty Mills; completed them. R[obinson] at Spotsylvania; O[ltmanns] and W[ilson] as before. It rained quite hard most of the day; froze at night. R[obinson] copying report to Engineer Bureau.