War of the Rebellion: Serial 095 Page 0429 Chapter LVIII. CAPTURE OF FORT FISHER, N. C.

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Question. Was it at the main magazine where the matches were lighted?

Answer. I saw none there; it was at one of the south service magazines I saw marines coming out; I asked one how he could see; he replied that he had lighted a match; no guard was on at that magazine.

Question. Did you see any one who was in the magazine to judge about fixed ammunition being there?

Answer. I did not; I judged at was simply a powder magazine from seeing no fragments of shell among the debris.

Captain JOHN H. ROBERTS, Fourth New Hampshire Volunteers, being duly sworn, deposed as follows:

On the night of the 15th the brigade was inside the fort. Near sunrise the explosion took place. A short time before the explosion took place Lieutenant G. F. Quimby, Fourth New Hampshire Volunteers, was near the entrance of the magazine and saw men around with lights. He saw some in the magazine, and one had a candle, apparently searching round, and a few minutes after the explosion took place.


Question. At what distance from the magazine was the nearest fire?

Answer. Should judge about twenty yards.

The court then proceeded to and examined the scene of the explosion, after which it adjourned until 10 a. m. to-morrow, January 22.



Fort Fisher, N. C., January 22, 1865.

At 10 a. m. the court assembled, and all the members being present, came to order.

Captain GEORGE W. HICKINS, Fourth New Hampshire Volunteers, acting assistant adjutant-general, Third Brigade, Second Division, Twenty-fourth Army Corps, being duly sworn, deposed as follows:

I gave orders direct from General Ames to Lieutenant-Colonel Zent, Thirteenth Indiana Volunteers, to place guards on all the bombproof and magazines to keep anyone out.


Question. Did Lieutenant-Colonel Zent report to General Ames for orders, and did he report that the order about guards had been carried out?

Answer. I do not know; but don't think he did.

Question. In giving the order of General Ames did you specify this main magazine as one to be guarded?

Answer. I did not; not knowing at the time of its existence.

Surg. A. J. H. BUZZELL, Third New Hampshire Volunteers, medical inspector of the expedition, being duly sworn, deposed as follows:

On the morning of the 16th I was in the hospital, and Major Hill and General Whiting were present. The explosion was referred to. Major Hill wished me say to General Terry that, it having been reported to him that the explosion was the result of wires internationally placed at the magazine, that such was not the fact; and also, on his honor as an officer and a gentleman, that no wires connected with the magazine; that the only torpedoes were outside the fort, which fact was communicated to General Terry by General Whiting immediately after the surrender. This