War of the Rebellion: Serial 095 Page 0108 N. AND SE. VA., N. C., W. VA., MA., AND PA. Chapter LVIII.

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March 25.- At 4.15 a. m. the enemy assaulted our center in front of Fort Stedman, which they carried, after a stubborn resistance on the part of the garrison. The division temporarily lost possession of one inclosed work and a battery, but holding the rest of its lines steadily, at first were entirely occupied in repealing the repeated attacks of the enemy on other points, and finally, assuming the offensive, with the help of the Third Division, Ninth Army Corps, pressed the enemy and recaptured the works they had lost at 8.30 a. m. without loss of a gun or color. Our capture amounted to 1,005 officers and men prisoners, and 7 stand of colors; our losses, 648 officers and men. The lines were instantly re-established, the Third Division (General Hartranft) occupying Fort Stedman.

March 26.- One half of Hartranft's troops relieved.

March 27.- The Eighteenth New Hampshire Volunteers assigned and were put on the line, relieving the rest of Hartranft's command.a

March 29.- Enemy opened with their artillery and musketry with the utmost rapidity at 10.15 p. m. Firing was kept up until 1.15 [a. m.] March 30. Two attempts were made on the part of the enemy to form for a charge, but their line was broken up by our artillery and musketry. Some temporalty movements of the troops of this division occurred during this disturbance, to meet threatened points.

March 31.- Preparations carried out ot assault the enemy's works in the morning, if opportunity offered.

April 1.- Division in the trenches before Petersburg, extending from the Appomattox to Norfolk railroad (two miles), and picketing the river; under marching orders. During the night demonstrations made upon enemy's lines.

April 2.- General assault on enemy's works in front of Petersburg; First Brigade massed in front of Fort Sedwick, reporting to General Hartranft; Second and Third Brigades, with Fifty-first Pennsylvania, of First Brigade, making demonstrations at 4 a. m. along the whole division line; fitting throughout the day.

April 3.- Division enters Petersburg; city authorities surrender to Colonel Ely, commanding Second Brigade, and his flags are first of all the army raised in the city.

April 5.- Division marches to Sutherland's Station, on South Side Railroad, guarding railroad to Cox road.

April 6.- Division extended to Wilson's Station.

April 13.- Moved to Wellville.

April 15.- Moved to Blacks and Whites began throwing up works at Ford's Wilsons, and Blacks and Whites Stations.

April 20.- Marched for City Point to embark for Washington.

April 22, 23, and 24.- Disembarked at Alexandria; encamped at Fowle's farm.

April 26.- Marched through Washington and encamped near Tennallytown, D. C.

[May.] - Division encamped near Tennallytown, D. C. Detached regiments on guard duty in Washington, D. C.

First Brigade, First Division.

[January.] - The regiments of this brigade have not changed their positions in the trenches in front of Petersburg, Va. The troops have been engaged in picket and trench guard duty, repairing picket-line and covered ways.