War of the Rebellion: Serial 092 Page 0983 Chapter LVI. CORRESPONDENCE, ETC. -CONFEDERATE.

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SEC. IV. That the State agent may, with the consent of the Governor, appoint such other sub-agents as may be found necessary and proper to the execution of the provisions of this act. But in no case shall be appoint any person as such agent who is liable to conscription in the Confederate service and physically able for active service in the army. Such agents shall be paid by the State eight dollars per day for their service at the end of each month.

SEC. V. The respective sheriffs for their services rendered under the provisions of this act shall be paid by the State eight dollars per day whilst actually engaged in the discharge of said duties, besides their costs for arrests and fees for dieting prisoners so arrested in pursuance thereof, which latter shall be paid by the owners of said prisoners.

SEC. VI. That the pay for such slaves shall be eleven dollars per month, and be furnished with sufficient rations and two suits of clothes during the term of one year, or one suit of clothes every six months, including two pairs of shoes and one hat for the year, by the State, or a fair commutation in money for the clothing if furnished by the owner. And that it shall be the duty of the State agent to certify the pay bills for the pay of the said slaves for their respective owners, specifying the number of said slaves, the time they have been employed, and the names of the owners, which bills so certified shall entire the owners by the themselves, or their order indorsed thereon, to receive the same from the State, and the said bills shall be forwarded to the sheriffs of the respective district where the owners reside, to be delivered by them to the said owners.

SEC. VII. That the commissioners of roads, city, town, and village authorities, for neglect of any of the duties required of them respectively by this act, shall be liable to indictment, and upon conviction fined in a sum not exceeding one hundred dollars. And that any sheriff who shall neglect or refuse to discharge any of the duties required of him by this act, shall, upon conviction as for a misdemeanor, in addition his official bond to any person who may have been aggrieved by such default.

SEC. VIII. That it shall be the duty of the Stage agent to visit all the camps of the laborers, to examine their condition, to observe their treatment and discipline, to examine their food both as to quality and quantity, and to see that it is the proper ration for each, as is allowed by law, as their clothing, and especially to inform himself as to their medical and surgical attendance and care, and whenever required to report the same to the Governor, and particularly at the conclusion of the term of service of each levy, it shall be his duty to make such report to the Governor, in whose possession it may be open for examination by owners of the said, slaves; and it shall also be his duty to prohibit the infliction of corporal punishment by one slave upon another, and shall require that if a slave is to be punished for any default of his duty, the punishment shall be administered by a white man in authority. And for the neglect or refusal of said agent to discharge faithfully any of his duties as prescribed by this act, he shall be subject to removal from office by the Governor as well as liable to an action for damages by any individual who has been injured by his negligence or default of duty.

SEC. IX. Transportation shall be furnished by the State agent for slaves inpressed under this act, at the expense of the State, going to or returning from the place of labor home and in returning, also with sufficient rations to last them home, and transportation shall be furnished in like manner for substitutes in going to and returning from