War of the Rebellion: Serial 092 Page 0875 Chapter LVI] CORRESPONDENCE, ETC. - CONFEDERATE.

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Organization of troops in the Department of South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida, commanded by Lieutenant General William J. Hardee, November 20, 1864.



1st Georgia Regulars, Colonel Richard A. Wayne.

Barnwell's (Georgia) Light Artillery, Colonel Richard A. Wayne.

22nd Georgia Battalion (six companies), Major Thomas D. Bertody.

27th Georgia Battalion, Company D, Lieutenant W. R. McLaws.

3rd South Carolina Cavalry (eight companies), Captain A. M. Lowry.

Symons' Reserves (ten companies), Major John Cunningham.

Beaufort (South Carolina) Artillery, Lieutenant John J. Rhodes,

Bonand's (Georgia) Battalion (two companies), Captain Malcolm T. McGregor.

Terrell (Georgia) Light Artillery, Captain John W. Brooks.

Clinch's (Georgia) Light Artillery (two companies), Major George W. Anderson.

Cobb Guards (two companies), Major Alfred L. Hartridge.

Daniell's (Georgia) Light Battery,

Guerard's (Georgia) Light Battery,

Captain J. A. Maxwell.

Maxwell's (Georgia) Light Battery,

German (South Carolina) Artillery, Company A, Captain F. W. Wagner.

German (South Carolina), Artillery, Captain William K. Bachman.

Hanleiter's (Georgia) Battery, Captain Cornelius R. Hanleiter.

South Carolina Horse Artillery (section), Lieutenant Richard Johnson.

Lafayette (South Carolina) Artillery, Captain J. T. Kanapaux.

Mercer (Georgia) Artillery, Lieutenant Colonel William R. Pritchard.

2nd Engineer Troops, Company D, Captain James W. McAlpine.


Brigadier General ROSWELL S. RIPLEY.

32nd Georgia Volunteers (seven companies and detachment), Captain S. J. Heath.

1st South Carolina Regulars (ten companies), Colonel William Butler.

1st South Carolina Cavalry, Company K, Captain Angus P. Brown.

Keitt's (South Carolina) Mounted Rifles, Captain Ellison S. Keitt.

Ripley (South Carolina) Rangers, Lieutenant C. P. Bolton.

1st South Carolina Artillery (seven companies), Major Ormsby Blanding.

gist Guards (South Carolina) Artillery, Lieutenant Theodore G. Boag.


Brigadier General JAMES H. TRAPIER.

Kirk's Squadron (South Carolina) Cavalry (two companies), Captain M. J. Kirk.

Steele's Company (South Carolina) Cavalry, Captain J. S. Steele.

German (South Carolina) Artillery, Company B, Captain F. McIchers.

Santee (South Carolina) Light Artillery, Captain Christopher Gaillard.

Waccamaw (South Carolina) Light Artillery, Captain Maruham Ward.


Brigadier General BEVERLY H. ROBERTSON.

3rd South Carolina Cavalry, Company B. Captain Archibald L. Campbell.

Stone (South Carolina) Scouts, Captain John B. L. Walpole.

2nd South Carolina Artillery (two companies), Captain Medicus Rickenbaker.

Marion (South Carolina) Artillery, Captain Edward L. Parker.

Palmetto Battery Light Artillery (three companies), Captain Charles E. Kanapaux.

Washington (South Carolina) Artillery, Captain George H. Walter.

Mathewes' (South Carolina) Heavy Artillery, Captain J. Raven Mathewes.

South Carolina Siege Train, Company A, Captain Benjamin C. Webb.