War of the Rebellion: Serial 092 Page 0758 OPERATIONS IN S. C., GA., AND FLA. Chapter LVI.

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inclosed.) When the bridge is relieved General Smith will order one regiment (350 strong) and fifty negroes from his pioneer corps, under a commissioned officer, to report to Colonel Beckwith, chief commissary Military Division of the Mississippi.

V. The officer in charge of ordnance stores captured at Fort McAllister will deliver to Lieutenant S. J. Smith, acting ordnance officer Seventeenth Army Corps, such ordnance and ordnance stores as he may require for the 32-pounder now being mounted by his corps.

VI. Brigadier General M. D. Leggett will cause a detail of 200 men from his command, properly officered, to report at 7 a. m. to-morrow to Major R. H. McFadden, Forty-first Illinois, at these headquarters for fatigue duty.

VII. Major R. H. McFadden, commanding Forty-fifty Illinois Veteran Battalion, will detail from his command 100 men, and will 200 men of the Third Division, report to Lieutenant-Colonel Hickenlooper at 7 a. m. to-morrow.

VIII. Division commanders will cause all negro women and children, and all negro men in their commands not fit for service, to be sent to-morrow morning to Colonel Beckwith, acting chief quartermaster Military Division of the Mississippi, at King's Bridge.

By command of Major General F. P. Blair:


Assistant Adjutant-General.


In the Field, near Savannah, GA., December 19, 1864-12 m.

Brigadier-General SPRAGUE,

Commanding Second Brigadier, First Div., Seventeenth Corps, present:

GENERAL: You may return to the position assigned you in former orders, and hold securely the neck of land between the Great and Little Ogeechee, reporting, as heretofore, through your corps commander, to General Howard, commanding Right Wing.

By order of Major-General Sherman:

Respectfully, your obedient servant:


Assistant Adjutant-General.

KING'S BRIDGE, December 19, 1864.

Captain C. CADLE, Jr.,

Assistant Adjutant-General.

CAPTAIN: I am here with two regiments as ordered. General Easton is absent. Colonel Beckwith claims to be in command. He says he wants the regiments to report to him and be entirely under his command. I cannot turn over my command to a quartermaster without an order. I am unable to see what I am here for, and desire light. Colonel Beckwith says he will order the First Brigade to remain in the name of General Sherman.

Respectfully, &c.,