War of the Rebellion: Serial 092 Page 0650 OPERATIONS IN S. C., GA., AND FLA. Chapter LVI.

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Numbers 192.

Jenks' Bridge, GA., December 7, 1864.

I. The movements of the corps to-morrow will be as follows: First the First and Second Divisions will, after leaving the principal part of their trains at Jenks' Bridge, move from their present camps, at 7 a. m., to a point near the mouth of the Cannouchee River, with a view to crossing that stream and breaking the Gulf railroad, and, if possible, securing the Ogeechee bridge. Brigadier-General Woods will cause the brigade of his division now at Station Numbers 2 to remain there until relieved by the arrival of the Seventeenth Army Corps. Second, the Fourth Division, Brigadier-General Corse commanding, will, at 7 a. m., move from its present camp toward Station Numbers 1 of the Gulf railroad, and between the Ogeechee and Little Ogeechee Rivers, reaching, if possible, the Savannah Canal, and reconnoitering thence to ascertain the position of the enemy's forces, and to secure, if possible, the bridge across the Ogeechee just below the mouth of the Cannouchee River. Third, the Third Division, Brigadier-General Smith commanding, will remain near Jenks' Bridge, and guard its own trains and those of the other divisions, left there. Lieutenant-Colonel Tweeddale, commanding engineer troops, will cause the extra pontoons and chess wagons, with necessary detail, to accompany the Third Division. Corps headquarters will move with the Second Division.

By order of Major General Joseph Osterhaus:


Assistant Adjutant-General.




Numbers 26.

Ogeechee River, GA., December 7, 1864.

* * * * *

II. This command will move to-morrow, the 8th instant, at 5. 30 a. m., with two days' rations in haversacks, as follows:

The Third Brigade will have the advance, followed by the pioneer corps, and then the battery; the Second Brigade will move in the center, followed by the trains hereafter designated; the First Brigade will bring up the rear. The battery will take three wagons loaded with canister, two wagons loaded with shell, and one wagon loaded with shot. Each brigade will take fire ordnance wagons loaded with caliber . 58, and for each regiment armed with Henry rifles one wagon-load of that kind of ammunition will be taken. The pioneer corps will be accompanied by its tool wagons, and two ambulances will be taken for each regiment. The command will cross to the east side of the Ogeechee River, and take the first right-hand road leading to the canal and to the Station Numbers 1 on the Gulf railroad. The First Brigade, which is now occupying the east side of the river, will join the command and bring up the rear. The remainder of the trains will move, under the direction of Captain H. R. Benjamin, acting assistant quartermaster of this division, to the position now occupied by the First Brigade, go in park there, and remain until further orders. Brigade commanders will keep their men well in hand, and will allow no foraging.

By order of Brigadier General John M. Corse:


Assistant Adjutant-General.