War of the Rebellion: Serial 092 Page 0579 Chapter LVI. CORRESPONDENCE, ETC. -UNION.

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Opposite Station Numbers 9 1/2, GA., November 30, 1864.

I. The following are the orders for the movements of this army to-morrow: First, Major-General Blair will move his command toward Millen, effectually destroying the railroad en route from Station 9 1/2 or 95, communicating frequently with the column south of the Ogeechee. Second, Major-General Osterhaus will move his command at 7 o'clock, two columns of two divisions each - one column following the Savannah road near the river, reaching to-morrow night a point opposite Station 8 (intersection of Jones' Ferry and Savannah road), and the other pursuing any parallel route south, keeping as near as possible to the contiguous column, and will halt to-morrow night as nearly due south of Station Numbers 9 as possible. To facilitate communication the heads of the columns should be on the Jones' [Ferry] road. The train proper of these headquarters will follow the ammunition train of the leading division of the left column, and the supply train will move in advance of the supply train of the same division. Headquarters to-morrow night will be at or near the intersection of Savannah and Jones' Ferry road, nearly opposite and south of Station Numbers 8.

II. The attention of corps commanders and commanders of unattached regiments and detachments is called to the irregularities existing in foraging, and the manner in which this privilege is often abused. It is noticed that many men not belonging to proper foraging parties are allowed to straggle from the ranks and forage for themselves without any authority whatever. It is by such men the greater part of the pillaging is done and depredations committed, of which there is so much complaint. Officers in charge of foraging parties must be continually instructed to keep their men well in hand, never allowing them to precede the advance guard of the column, and to use more discretion in taking from the poor, being careful to leave them sufficient for their immediate subsistence. It is also noticed that the number of mounted men is very largely increasing, and that the ranks are correspondingly diminished. Means will be at once taken to check this growing evil. The number of mounted foragers to each brigade should be limited and regulated in orders, which, if not done, mounted foragers will be no longer allowed. We are now nearing the enemy, and foraging parties should be cautioned against preceding the advance from the column.

By order of Major General O. O. Howard:


Assistant Adjutant-General.



Pine Lodge, GA., November 30, 1864.

I. The movements of the corps for to-morrow will be as follows: The First Division, Brigadier-General Woods commanding, will leave its present camp, accompanied by train of these headquarters, at 7 a. m., being the advance of the left column, continuing his march on the Savannah road to the intersection of the Jones' Ferry road leading to railroad station Numbers 8, where he will encamp. Lieutenant-Colonel Fort, chief quartermaster Fifteenth Army Corps, will cause the pontoon train to be brought forward, and will close the same on First Division train. The Fourth Division, Brigadier-General Corse commanding, will follow the route of the First Division, with a view to the same destination.