War of the Rebellion: Serial 092 Page 0538 OPERATIONS IN S. C., GA., AND FLA. Chapter LVI.

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exception of a sufficient guard for his trains (which will be brought up near this point and parked west of the Augusta wagon road), to Oconee, and completely destroy the railroad from that point east to the point nearest Irwin's Cross-Roads; also, including, if not already done, the railroad bridge over the Oconee and trestle-work this side. Second, Major-General Osterhaus will send from his command a sufficient force to destroy the railroad from the point reached by General Blair to Station Numbers 13, leaving his trains parked and properly guarded near this point. These headquarters will remain here to-morrow.

By order of Major General O. O. Howard:


Assistant Adjutant-General.



Gordon, GA., November 24, 1864.

I. General Corse, commanding Fourth Division, will continue his march to Oconee to-morrow morning at 7 a. m., and will encamp near Irwinton, taking position so as to cover the eastern and southern approaches to that place. General John E. Smith, commanding Third Division, will follow the Fourth Division, at 8. 30 a. m., making Irwinton his destination also. Upon arriving at that place he will take position covering the western front. The trains must be corralled inside the lines and all measures taken to repel sudden dashes of rebel cavalry. During the march all roads leading south from the Irwinton road must be well guarded, especially while the trains are passing. In the line of march all trains must be in front of the rear brigade of the Third Division.

II. The movement of the corps for to-morrow will be as follows: The First Division, Brigadier-General Woods commanding, will march at 7 a. m., without supply trains, to Lightwood Knot Bridge, on Big Sandy. Upon his arrival there he will secure his position against any assault, and will destroy all means of crossing said creek. The Second Division, Brigadier-General Hazen commanding, will leave its present camp at 7 a. m., for Ball's Ferry, marching on the direct road. The first section pontoon train and engineer troops, in charge of Lieutenant-Colonel Tweeddale, will accompany General Hazen, who will assign them to a position in his column. The supply and reserve ammunition trains of the First Division, escorted by one strong or two small regiments, will follow the Second Division, and, on reaching its camp, will park within the lines of that command, remaining until the First Division arrives at Ball's Ferry. The Third Division, Brigadier-General Smith commanding, on reaching Irwinton to-morrow, will take a defensive position, guarding well and approaches to that place; and on the next day, November 26, will continue his march to Ball's Ferry, moving on the direct road. The Fourth Division, Brigadier-General Corse commanding, will not remain as indicated in paragraph I, Special Orders, Numbers 181, of date, but will continue its march, on the Ball's Ferry road, to Milton, where General Corse will encamp his command until further orders, guarding well all his approaches to that place. Corps headquarters will be established at Ball's Ferry.

III. It being probable, under late orders from General Sherman, that the corps will be expected to make but light marches during the next few days, and as the different divisions will likely be separated, it is proper to assign to each division a proportion of the artillery; and