War of the Rebellion: Serial 092 Page 0522 OPERATIONS IN S. C., GA., AND FLA. Chapter LVI.

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First Division of his command to move on the same road to this vicinity. He will direct Brigadier-General Corse to move with his command on the direct road to this place, reaching here at as early an hour as practicable. The Third Division will remain at Gordon, and Brigadier General J. E. Smith, commanding, will be directed to send from headquarters teams, and those that have the lightest loads, fifty-five six-mule teams, to move up the boats in the bridge train to Gordon in the quickest possible time, the officers in charge reporting with teams to Captain Reese, chief engineer, at these headquarters, for instructions, at 6. 30 a. m. to-morrow. Second, Major-General Blair, commanding Seventeenth Army Corps, will cause the Fourth Division of his command, Brigadier General G. A. Smith, commanding, to move toward the railroad bridge, fulfilling instructions already given. He will march the infantry of the other two divisions of his command along the railroad and detail men to destroy it en route--one division to commence eight miles from Gordon and destroy to some point opposite Irwinton, and there encamp, and the other from Gordon, and encamp eight miles out. The trains of the Seventeenth Corps will move along the Jackson Ferry wagon road, with small guard, and park with their divisions. Third, it is the intention for the Seventeenth Corps to cross the Oconee River at Jackson's Ferry, two miles and a half north of the railroad bridge, and the Fifteenth Corps at a point six miles south of the railroad bridge. The chief engineer will take measures to lay pontoons at these points as soon as practicable. Fourth, Lieutenant W. B. Todd, in charge of cattle, will move on the upper road along Commissioner's Creek, toward Jackson's Ferry. In order to expedite the movement of the bridge train, all other trains will give up the right of way.

By order of Major General O. O. Howard:


Assistant Adjutant-General.



Gordon, GA., November 22, 1864.

I. The movements of the Fifteenth Army Corps for to-morrow will be as follows: General Hazen, commanding Second Division, will at 7 a. m. continue his march toward Irwinton, and will proceed about eight miles beyond his present camp, selecting a strong defensive position for his command. As soon as such is established, he will order up his train now at Gordon. Brigadier-General Woods, commanding First Division, will follow with his command to the fork of the road to Gordon, some distance east of the position now occupied by Second Division. The Twenty-ninth Missouri Mounted Infantry will report to Brigadier-General Woods for duty during the movement. Brigadier-General Smith, commanding Third Division, will remain at Gordon, giving particular attention to the guarding of all avenues to the place by a well-established picket-line. In order to accelerate the arrival of the much-needed bridge train, General Smith will have selected and sent toward General Corse's column, on the direct road to Clinton, from the different headquarters trains of the Third Division, fifty-eight six-mule teams. The officer in charge of the same will report at 6. 30 a. m. to-morrow to Captain Reese, chief engineer, department headquarters. The Fourth Division, Brigadier-General Corse commanding, is expected here at an early hour, and will encamp at this place. He will give to the bridge train the right of way. The batteries now with the First