War of the Rebellion: Serial 092 Page 0486 OPERATIONS IN S. C, GA., AND FLA. Chapter LVI.

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Kilpatrick will cross in rear of the Seventeenth Corps at 4 a. m. to-morrow, take the Hillsborough road and any road to the right he may choose between the Clinton road and the river. he will make for the Macon and Augusta Railroad as rapidly as possible and fulfill the instructions already received from General Sherman. His supply train will follow that part of the Fifteenth Corps that passes through Monticello. The cavalry regiment at Towaliga Creek will be moved up to the bridge as early as 12 m. to- morrow and will acts guard for the supply train. Fourth, the brigade of infantry heretofore ordered as rear guard will carefully guard the bridge train till it reaches Hillsborough, via Monticello. Fifth, Captain Reese, chief engineer, will direct the taking up of the bridge after the army has crossed. Sixth, the cattle, in charge of Lieutenant Todd, acting commissary of subsistence, will cross at Roach's Ferry and move, via Monticello, to Hillsborough. Seventh, the trains of these headquarters will move with the leading division of the Fifteenth Corps, on the direct Hillsborough road. Eighth, the commander of the rear guard before crossing will destroy the cotton factory and all cotton found in large quantities, but will not destroy the flouring mill at this place. Attention is again called to Special Field Orders, Numbers 120, of General Sherman. * Headquarters will be at Hillsborough to- morrow night.

* * * *

By command of Major General O. O. Howard:


Assistant Adjutant-General.



In the Field, GA., November 18, 1864.

* * * *

II. Brigadier-General Hazen, commanding Second Division, will leave his present camp at 4 a. m., to- morrow and march on the direct road to Roach's Ferry. There he will at once commence crossing his troops by the flat- boat. All headquarters and regimental wagons may be crossed by the same means; the supply and ordnance trains must, however, be sent to the pontoon bridge at Ocmulgee Mills, under an escort of two regiments of infantry. As soon as General Hazen's command is over, he will march in rear of the Seventeenth Army Corps to Monticello, and thence by the most direct road to Hillsborough.

III. Brigadier General John E. Smith, commanding Third Division, will move his command at 6 a. m. to- morrow, on the most direct road to Hillsborough, leaving the Monticello and Clinton road to his left. The battery of artillery now with he Third Division will report to Brigadier- General Smith for assignment in his column.

IV. Brigadier General J. M. Corse will take possession of the pontoon bridge at Ocmulgee at 6 o'clock to- morrow, and cross his command with all possible expedition. When across he will march to Hillsborough, following General Smith's division.

V. As soon as Brigadier-General Hazen's command has fairly marched out of Indian Springs, Brigadier General C. R. Woods, commanding First Division, will move his command on the direct road to Ocmulgee Mills (or Planters' Factory), and cross their river on the pontoon bridge in rear of general ammunition and supply train, following the division of Brigadier-General Corse to Hillsborough.


*See VOL. XXXIX, Part III, p. 713.