War of the Rebellion: Serial 092 Page 0472 OPERATIONS IN S. C., GA., AND FLA. Chapter LVI.

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near McDonough, GA., November 16, 1864.

I. The Fifteenth Corps will resume its march to- morrow, via Locust Grove, in the following order: The Third Division, Brigadier-General Smith commanding, will leave its present camp at 5. 30 a. m., followed by the Fourth Division, Brigadier-General Corse commanding; Artillery Brigade, major Stolbrand commanding, supported by two regiments Fourth Division; First Division, Brigadier-General Woods commanding; Second Division, Brigadier- General Hazen commanding.

Major Stolbrand, commanding Artillery Brigade, will detail one light battery to report to General Smith, and one section of artillery to report to Brigadier-General Hazen, to be assigned to positions, respectively, in the advance and rear brigade of the column. The very loose order of a portion of the trains during to- day's march renders it necessary to again call the attention of division commanders to this constant cause of annoyance, that it may be corrected. Quartermasters must be required to remain with their trains and oversee their movements in person. They will be held strictly responsible for all irregularities hereafter. it is perfectly preposterous to think that the troops should be delayed successively for hours, and thus lose the necessary amount of rest, because a worthless wagon-- master or teamster sees fit to disregard his duties.

All train animals must be watered before leaving camp, as it must not be done after the trains are once strung out. Whenever practicable division commanders will push their troops alongside of their respective trains and artillery.

* * * *

By order of Major General P. Joseph Osterhaus:


Assistant Adjutant-General.



McDonough, GA., November 16, 1864.

This division will march at 5. 30 a. m. to- morrow, the 17th instant. The troops will, until further orders, be supplied with three days' rations in haversacks.

order of march: First, Second Brigade as advance guard, each regiment followed by one ambulance and one wagon: second, pioneer corps, tool wagons, one ambulance, and one wagon (baggage); third, artillery (one battery); fourth, one regiment First Brigade, followed by one ambulance and one wagon; fifth, ammunition train; sixth, division headquarters train and provost guard; seventh, Second Brigade train; eight, First Brigade rain; ninth, quartermaster's train; tenth, supply train; eleventh, remainder of ambulance corps not otherwise assigned; twelfth, two regiments First Brigade, well deployed, one upon each flank of the entire train; thirteenth, two regimens First Brigade, rear guard- one ambulance and one wagon for each oft he flanking and rear- guard regiments will be placed between the also tow regiments.

The attention of Colonel McCown is particularly directed tot he security of the trains, and he will, while on the march, take such steps as he may think necessary for their protection.

By order of Brigadier General John. E. Smith:


Assistant Adjutant-General.